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‘Never came to our mind that this could happen naturally’: Debina Banerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary on their second pregnancy

the actors Debina Banerjee And her husband Gurmeet Choudhary took to her YouTube channel to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her fans about many things, but mostly her second pregnancy, which was announced by her on Instagram last month.

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What surprised many of their fans was that Debina and Gurmeet welcomed their first child, daughter Liana, only in April this year. Sharing the news of her second pregnancy, Debina wrote: “Some decisions are made at divine time and nothing can change that…it’s such a blessing…coming soon to meet us. “

This was accompanied by a cute picture of the trio of the family, with Debina taking some ultrasound pictures and Gurmeet holding the baby, looking straight at the camera.

On YouTube, she explained that it’s important to “spend loving moments” with your partner, especially if a couple is trying to conceive a child. Gurmeet said that it was not easy to bring Liana into this world, as they had been trying to get pregnant for many years and even went to some doctors.

“When Liana came, she became our whole world,” said the actor.

Debina said that when a couple tries to get pregnant naturally or through medical assistance, and they are unable to conceive, there is a feeling of failure. “And [we] have seen that; We were in this together. That is why, it never came to our mind that it could happen naturally,” she said, adding that Gurmeet was in “great disbelief” when she came to know about the second pregnancy.

The father-to-be said that Debina’s health was bad, headache and body ache. “Liana had just been born,” he said, while Debina was sure she was pregnant because she felt it, she was finding it hard to believe even after seeing the pregnancy test results with her own eyes. “I really couldn’t believe it. I thought it was old.”

She said that she was not expecting to get pregnant as she had been trying unsuccessfully for seven years, with no luck. “In fact, I didn’t believe it until we went to the doctor,” Gurmeet said. He said he heard the new baby’s heartbeat and was completely empty.

He shared that Liana was conceived through IVF, which is why she never expected to conceive naturally.

There is such a thing as “let your body do something.” Over the years I have seen my body fail. [Gurmeet] Have seen me break down and cry every month,” Debina shared, while Gurmeet said that his wife is very strong mentally and physically, but will keep crying till the end.

“I feel my body is very fit. I work out in the gym, eat well. But, when the body is unable to do something… it feels like it is incapable,” the mother shared, When she conceived naturally, she finally felt as though her body had “responded.”

The couple visited several doctors to ensure that their Second pregnancy is safe and normal,

Debina also said that she was not breastfeeding The time when she conceived her second child, and that her daughter is on top/formula feed. She said that her second pregnancy, so far, has been smooth without any kind of nausea, morning sickness, eating issues, special craving, constipation or any kind of weakness. “But, I’m listening to my body and responding to it.”

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