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Myth or Fact: Applying icing to the face reduces swelling, shrinks pores

as part of their Care of skin Many people swear by face icing to provide relief from a number of skin problems – from bloating to bloating. But are ice facials, also known as cold therapy, as effective as it is believed?

Dermatologist, Dr Gurveen Wadach wrote on Instagram, “While as miraculous on social media it is touted, face icing has its benefits.” Apply ice cubes directly on their face.

Some benefits include:

1. reduces swelling, Face icing aids in lymphatic drainage of the face, in turn, reducing swelling, especially under eye areahe shared.

2. Shrinks Pore Size (Super Temp): The expert wrote that “as the icing causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels), your pores will look smaller immediately after icing,” however, this effect is “very temporary.” She said doing this can be a “good hack before applying makeup.”

3. Reduces Inflammation: This inexpensive technique can also help reduce inflammation, she further shared.

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She shared some dos and don’ts next:

Do not apply ice cubes directly on the face, wrap it in a muslin cloth or cotton.
* Keep moving the cube, do not keep it in a particular place for a long time.
* When using the Face Icing Bowl, do not immerse your face for more than 5 seconds in a cycle. “Morning is the ideal time to make icing. 5 seconds, 3 seconds off, for a total of 8-10 cycles,” she suggested.

But, if you are a migraine patient, don’t try face icing as it can trigger migraine attack,” he warned. “Also, if you have a history of hives or hives, it is best to avoid icing on the face. Icing dehydrates the skin so always follow it up with a good layer of moisturizer,” she mentioned.

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