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Mentalist Suhani Shah’s multi-city tour will take viewers through her life’s journey

Suhani Shah, who will soon be performing in the city, says that all mind magicians are magicians, but not all magicians are brains. Completing 25 years of performance, this is Shah’s silver jubilee, multi-city tour and he is particularly excited about it. She says that this tour is one of the biggest risks she has taken as she believes that India has not really experienced a mentality show.

Mentalist Suhani Shah
Mentalist Suhani Shah

She says that mindset is only about appearances as one needs to be confident, comfortable on stage and have control over their body language. It’s a game of effect and control. There are not many tricks like other magic. And if I get it wrong, I don’t have a stack of cards, or a hat to hold. I just have to stand there with embarrassment,” shares Shah.

title StoryThe two-hour set will take the audience on the journey of Shah’s life. But “as we move slowly in the show, they (the audience) will start to realize that this story is about everyone. This is not just Suhani’s story. They will realize how connected everyone is to each other, and how the life of every audience member is connected,” she says.

The 32-year-old fell in love with magic when she was only six years old and decided this would be her career path, and was encouraged by her parents. With no magic school she could attend, Shah had several gurus who taught him everything he knew. “My dad was a visionary and he doesn’t do anything small,” she says, “my first performance was a grand stage show that wasn’t performed at school or any family function.”

She has been traveling since then. “Whenever I start my show, I always tell people that I don’t mind reading, I only give the illusion of reading. I am very clear about the art form. I never like to spread a superstition around it Don’t want to,” she hints.



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