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Learn About ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Using the Laws of Attraction

How many times have you heard of the term ’emotional intelligence’? EQ stands for emotional quotient. Your EQ is as important as your IQ when you are trying to live a healthy, satisfied and balanced life.

D. Evan Young suggests that emotional intelligence consists of clarity about situations and situations. The Law of Attraction states that likes attract likes, which means that the more emotions you put into something, the more you receive it.

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Young talks about the first way to attract the things you want into your life: Monitor what you think and feel. What you think about a lot, you get. If you keep thinking I’m not lucky, that’s the end of it. your thoughts and feelings [are equal to] expressions in your life.

He says, “What is seen comes from that which was never seen.” To be here today was someone’s imagination manifested in reality. “Everything happens for a reason: so when something happens, ask yourself the question, ‘Why now?’ Every moment has meaning, you have to examine it, and ask, what is this teaching me right now?”

“Be proactive, not reactive. It takes effort to be successful but the biggest effort is how you use your mind,” he says in the video.

Then he talks about spirituality and says that the Creator is smarter than you. In fact, ‘why?’ You can find out what everything in your life means by asking?

He says that the best way to answer this question is to meditate, which means that he is still. Shut up for a while.

“Whatever is needed more than anyone has ever done, the person faced himself. Confront the system. Face other people. As your emotional intelligence and the Laws of Attraction become one If, he says, “you’ll find passion, purpose, and presence. The one you are looking for is also looking for you equally.”

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