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Lancet report: ‘Great global failures on Covid response’

A new report from the Lancet Commission takes a critical look at the global response for the first two years COVID-19 The pandemic, citing widespread failures in prevention, transparency, rationality, basic public health practice, and operational cooperation and international solidarity, resulted in an estimated 17.7 million deaths, which went unreported.

The report also found that most national governments were unprepared and too slow to respond, paid little attention to the most vulnerable groups in their societies, and were hampered by a lack of international cooperation and an epidemic of misinformation.

Dr K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India and one of the Commissioners of Lancet COVID-19 said Indian Express That report provides several important lessons that could help shape early and effective global and national responses to future pandemic threats.

“The report noted that there were several vulnerabilities in the global response. There were delays in the notification of outbreaks and the declaration of a global public health emergency. Superspreader events were allowed, lockdowns were always followed by evidence-based public health measures to control transmission.” Energetic efforts were not followed. Even after effective vaccines were available, there was global disparity in access to them. Global coordination was weak and many countries were left to fend for themselves,” Dr Reddy said.

The report provides recommendations for more effective and equitable epidemic prevention and response in the future. According to Dr Reddy, India has already initiated many of these measures.

“With increased funding and better centre-state coordination, we can set up stronger pandemic prevention and response systems in the country. The report mentions the high mortality rate caused by the delta wave in India, but also notes that countries in Asia and Africa fared better than either North America or Europe.

The Chairman of the Commission, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia University (USA) and President of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, said in the report that “the staggering human toll of the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic is a profound tragedy and multiple levels. But a massive social failure. We have to face the hard truths – too many governments have failed to adhere to the basic norms of institutional rationality and transparency; Many people have resisted basic public health precautions, which are often fueled by misinformation; And too many nations have failed to promote global cooperation to control the pandemic.”

A co-author of the commission, Professor Salim S. Abdul Karim of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, said Indian Express In a virtual interview: “A combination of a global vaccine-plus strategy of high vaccine coverage and effective public health measures will slow the emergence of new forms and reduce the risk of new waves of infection, all while keeping the (clinically) vulnerable people) to go about their lives more freely. As fast as the world can act to vaccinate all, and provide social and economic support, to get out of a pandemic emergency and The better the chances of achieving a long-lasting economic recovery.”

The COVID-19 response has shown many aspects of international cooperation at its best: public-private partnerships to develop multiple vaccines in record time, by high-income countries to financially support households and businesses, and emergency financing from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. But the events of the past two years have also exposed the many failures of global cooperation.

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