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‘It can be terrifying to think of yourself as so powerful’: Drew Dudley

The leadership of prominent personalities like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi etc. is well celebrated across the world. But have we ever considered the leadership qualities that we display in our daily lives?

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In this famous TEDx talk, Drew Dudley highlights the change we all have brought to someone’s life – usually without even realizing it.

“We have transformed the concept of leadership into something bigger than ourselves. We made it about changing the world. We are treating this title of ‘leader’ as if it is something we deserve one day, but giving ourselves that title right now means portraying the level of ego or ego,” he says.

“We start devaluing the things we can pull off every day. We start taking moments where we really are a leader, as if,” he continues.

Sharing an “eye-opening, transformative moment” from his university days, he reveals how handing something as basic as a “lollipop” to a fresher who was too nervous to start college life away from home , changed everything for him. “We have people who have probably made our lives better without even knowing it. And each one of you has been a catalyst for lollipop That moment in which you changed someone’s life by saying or doing something incredibly basic,” Dudley says.

“It can be frightening to think of ourselves as being so powerful, as someone who means so much to other people. Because as long as we understand leadership as something beyond ourselves, we don’t expect it from ourselves every day. Give excuses,” he says.

Urging the audience to change their view of leadership, he noted, “We need to acknowledge how extraordinarily powerful we can be in each other’s lives. We need to redefine leadership as a lollipop The moment that transcends wealth, power, titles and influence.”

“Leadership is not about changing the world because it is not” World, There are only 6 billion comprehensions. And if we can change a person’s understanding of leadership, give them a sense of what they are capable of and how powerful they can be, we have changed everything. It’s probably a simple idea, but certainly not a trivial one,” he concluded.

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