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In rare case, doctors remove 145 worms, ‘dead eye’ from 65-year-old’s nose

In a rare surgery, 145 worms were removed from the eyes and nose of a 65-year-old man Patient, who was treated mucositis ,black fungus) And COVID-19 about a year ago. According to a statement by SS Sparsh Hospital in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru, surgery was also performed to remove dead tissue from the patient’s nose, resulting in a wide nasal cavity on the left side.

“Especially, wide nostril are more prone to secretions that lead to crusting, such that if nasal cleaning is not practiced to maintain hygiene, foul-smelling secretions can attract flies that lay eggs within the nostrils, Which may eventually turn into insects,” the statement added.

“If the worms are not removed, they can reach the brain and damage brain tissue. The eye is directly connected to the brain, and if the eye is involved it can lead to infection – which is a There is an emergency,” said Dr Manjunath MK, Consultant ENT Surgeon, SS Sparsh Hospital, who was treating him. indianexpress.com,

According to Journal of Nepal Medical Association2021 ResearchMaggots have been found to infect the nose, ear, orbit, tracheostomy wounds, face, gums and serous cavities, among other places. It noted that patients have “a variety of risk factors and concomitant diseases” that make them more vulnerable to the condition.

While the patient was treated elsewhere three months ago, he once again complained of similar symptoms as well as swelling in one of his eyes. Manjunath told this outlet that his left eye was “completely blind since the first day of the situation.” “His history was nose bleeding And his left eye was swollen for three days. After examination, about 110 worms were removed from his nose on the first day along with removal of dead tissue. Since the eye was completely dead and causing her pain, she agreed to have it removed, and the next day about 35 insects were removed from the eyeball. The patient is now in a stable condition,” he said in the statement.

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The patient was operated on for two days (Representational) (Express photo by Praveen Khanna)

Dr Manjunath said that Surgery, Which happened over two days, “was done through an endoscopic sinus surgery approach”. “Since they were maggots, it was removed with the help of an endoscope. The endoscope is passed through the nose, and while looking at the camera monitor, the dead tissue is removed. For eye surgery, it was done as an open procedure,” he clarified.

“The process took around 1.5-2 hours on both the days. The first day was the removal of insects from the nasal cavity while the second day was the removal of the eyeballs,” he mentioned.

The doctor said that the patient’s condition is stable, it will take some more time for him to recover completely.

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