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How the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with her pearl jewelry

Queen Elizabeth II dies Brings together members of the royal family, who are paying tribute to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch through their dress, accessories, and more.

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Kate MiddletonThe one who is now the Princess of Wales – in addition to being the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge – was previously seen in her ‘mourning jewellery’, when she made her First appearance broke after news of Queen’s death,

At the time, as Kate passed through Windsor to pick up her children from school, she was seen in a black turtleneck ensemble, which was teamed with large black sunglasses and dangling pearl earrings, which were traditional. They are traditionally called ‘mourning jewellery’, as they are traditionally worn. on gloomy occasions such as funerals by women in Britain’s royal family; This tradition has been going on since the time of Queen Victoria.

Now, as the 40-year-old grieves over the death of her mother-in-law, along with her husband Prince William and the rest of the family, she continues to wear the best of jewelery – mostly pearls – to pay tribute to the departed. Emperor, and to always remember him in times to come.

According to reports, Kate appeared to pay a more subtle tribute Queen Elizabeth IIShe was photographed with her husband on his way to Buckingham Palace to receive the coffin that had come from Scotland, where Elizabeth died at Balmoral, the Scottish summer home.

The photos showed Kate wearing an all-black ensemble with a three-strand pearl necklace. The sweet gesture is a direct gesture to the late emperor who loved his pearls. In fact, she herself wore a three-strand pearl necklace. Her husband Prince Philip’s funeralHe died last year at the age of 99.

according to a People Reports, while the Queen has had many necklaces, her favorite was a three-strand pearl necklace that she made from “graduation pearls and a diamond clasp immediately after ascending the throne”.

As mentioned earlier, the tradition first began with his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, it is said that, each of his daughters and granddaughters would be given a pearl each year on their birthday, so that they could be ready in time. He turned 18.

One Express.co.uk The report quoted Arseny Budreevich, the founder of Budreevich Fine Jewelery Studio, as saying that the royals, especially Queen ElizabethLoved his pearls because they “represent the noble qualities of generosity, grandeur and generosity”, and “symbolizes purity and chastity”.

The coffin reached Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening. The Queen’s funeral will take place on 19 September, when the late monarch’s ‘stay in the kingdom’ ends and his The coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey,

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