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Guinness Alert: Meet the American couple with the ‘biggest height difference’

With almost 3 feet between them, American couple Christie Chandler and Seneca Corsetti have Guinness World Records for their large height difference. Notably, Christie, who stands at 5 feet 11.74 inches (182.22 cm), is 2 feet 9.44 inches (84.94 cm) taller than his wife Seneca, who measures 3 feet 2.29 inches (97.28 cm).

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The Guinness site noted that Seneca has a form of dwarfism known as dystrophic dysplasia that affects the normal development of cartilage and bone. both beat the previous Record of a couple from United Kingdom Who holds the record for the largest difference in height between a married couple (of different sexes/tall female) of about two feet.

After watching a video about a UK couple, Christie felt inspired to apply for record title, “I was like ‘Oh my gosh, we crushed that record,'” Christie said in a conversation with the records site.

“We talked about it before, like ‘I’m sure we have the biggest height difference in the world'”, Seneca said, adding that he joked about it “but we’re never going to get a title or anything. We’re not serious about trying.”

The site notes that the two met while teaching at the same school, where Christie is an art teacher and Seneca teaches mathematics.

biggest height difference Duet with record title certificate (source: guinnessworldrecords.com)

“I think a lot of LGBT kids feel comfortable because they know ‘my teachers are in that group and they’ll feel supported by me,'” Seneca told the site.

“My advice is dating someone who is out of your height or who has disability Or just to communicate from a different culture,” Seneca said, “communicate about what your needs are and what your expectations are. This goes for any relationship”.

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