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Delhi Durga Puja: Colonial-era Kolkata home, eco-friendly statues ready to greet devotees

Want a Glimpse of Colonial Era Homes Kolkata This Durga Puja? go towards Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park Where artisans are finishing the theme-themed pandal filled with louvre windows, courtyards and stairs.

Another Durga Puja organizing committee is being formed in the city eco friendly pandal With cardboard, wooden disposable spoon and rice bran.

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as Delhi Preparations to celebrate Navratri and Durga Puja with pomp after two years covid-inspired lullThe artisans hope to revive the losses incurred during the pandemic.

Saurav Chakraborty, secretary of the Durga Puja committee at the cooperative ground of Chittaranjan Park, said, “The pandal will look like a traditional house in Kolkata. We are particularly concentrating on details such as chains for louvre windows and colonial era iron locks and doors. Stalls for food, saris and toys have been set up at the Sahakari Maidan and cultural programs have also been planned for the first time in two years.

A puja pandal in K-Block of Chittaranjan Park is being designed out of paper, cardboard, wooden disposable spoons and rice husks.

Pintu Halder, who is part of the team that decorated the K-Block pandal, said, “We are designing this with swans which we have made from shredded papers. face of Goddess Durga The design is being done with rice bran on the cardboard. “Most of us were without work in the last two years. This year, we can see a ray of hope to revive the loss,” he said, adding that there is enthusiasm among the organizers for the celebrations this year.

Rakesh Dey, designer of another puja pandal in K-Block said that it usually takes a month to design some themed puja pandals.

“Before the pandemic, we used to take at least two months to complete the work. But this time, we were not sure about the number of orders,” he said.

The theme of this year’s pandal is being kept in New Ashok Nagar. Environmentally friendly, One of the organizers said that the material used for the construction of the pandal and Durga idols is ‘eco-friendly’.

“The idol is being made using clay. We are not using plaster of paris at all. Watercolor is being used to paint the idols as it is considered to be one of the safest and eco-friendly mediums,” said Manoj Pradhan, idol maker of Durga Puja in New Ashok Nagar.

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