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Dating in your 30s? Tips for finding what you really want

30 years old can change a lot in you romantic life, It’s the best time ever because one has more clarity about themselves and has learned to accept themselves as they are unlike in their 20s when people are still experimenting and confused as to what they really are What do you want? dating One should be carefree in their 30s, on their own terms, and focused on meeting the right person rather than feeling the pressure of passing marriageable age – without any societal pressure. Instead of rushing things, one should take their sweet time to use their intuition if it is really going to work out. Be yourself and be kind to yourself, these should be the mantras you swear by. (Also read: 10 things men find attractive about women

Bumble’s India relationship expert Shahzeen Shivdasani shares some tips to help you navigate dating in your 30s:

Age is just a number: Date on your timeline and on your own terms. Don’t let the societal pressure to marry you by a certain age. Finding the right mate or even getting married should have nothing to do with age. It should only be about you – whether you’re up for it and if you’ve met the person you want to make this move with.

be yourself: Know who you are and clearly communicate what you want. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self because you put yourself out there.

Don’t hold back because of your past experiences: Our experiences can lead to scars wearing them as a shield to keep us from getting hurt again. When it is really these experiences that teach us what we want from a relationship and what we don’t. The key is to learn from your past and build on those learnings as you move forward with dating. When you get to know someone, don’t let old experiences interfere with you as you form a new bond.

Take your time and ease the pressure: When meeting someone, take your time and decide if this is the person you really want to be with. Get to know them better and spend time with them, even if it’s virtual. Love has no expiry date and let it happen when it should be. While you really want to be in a relationship at this point in your life, it’s important to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Respecting Boundaries: Setting boundaries is extremely important when dating someone. Instead of rushing things, try to give them time and space. As many relationships as two people make a life together, equally healthy relationships are also those where you have an identity of your own.

be kind: If things aren’t going right with the person you’re dating, remember to be kind to them and to yourself. No one likes to be ghosted or act like they don’t care. We all deserve the same respect we want to give.

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