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‘Courage and growth comes when you allow yourself to be seen’

Do you feel like you struggle to have a conversation sometimes? You’re not alone.

In her TEDx talk, Shivani Patil says that growing up she was a painfully shy girl – the person who didn’t talk much, the introvert of the group. She used to be nervous about doing basic things like ordering in a restaurant or answering phone calls.

She was diagnosed with spelling and reading disorder and when she went to college, she participated in a fashion show. It was this that instilled in him a sense of real confidence; She also realized how much she loves fashion and glamour. Then she participated in a competition which changed her life.

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“For the first time, my desire to do something outweighed my lack of confidence,” she says in the video.

Though she could not win the competition, it helped her emerge as a changed person. Later, she decided to start a fashion blog. Though it took her some time to find her footing, she eventually finished college and made it big as a fashion blogger as well.

“I’ve traveled the world with brands, gone to shows, been in magazines and newspapers, started a lot of conversations that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do.”

She also talks about how she compared her life to others. “Nothing at all [in real life] It’s as perfect as it sounds online.”

“I’m still scared to do the little things and I’m still worried, but being in this industry has taught me to be better at it. I was scared to give this speech today, but I realized that courage and growth is only there. Comes when you allow yourself to be seen, and let yourself out of your shell.”

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