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Cashews: Why should you include ‘about a cup of this nutrient-rich nut’ in your diet?

“Cashew has always had a bad reputation,” nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor said in her Instagram video. Enjoyed as a snack, in sauces, and even as a topping, according to WebMD, cashews — “rich in protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants like polyphenols, cashews provide a variety of remarkable health benefits.” We do.”

“Cashews have previously gotten a bad rap for containing saturated fat, but this may not be as problematic as the saturated label suggests. Most of the fat in cashews comes from stearic acid, which experts believe. ​​is a neutralizing effect on blood cholesterol. Research shows that people who consume a small serving of cashews each day see a modest reduction in LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol,” the website said.

Dispelling this myth, the expert reveals how cashew nuts can be beneficial for women.

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“Just one serving of these nuts can have a positive effect on your estrogen levels. So, if you are struggling with estrogen dominance, be sure to include them in your diet on a daily basis,” she said.

He . highlight the property of Cashew Which plays an important role in maintaining hormone levels. “Cashew contains a substance called anacardic acid, which has a natural anti-estrogen effect. A handful of cashews contains about 20 milligrams of anacardic acid.

Women are known to suffer from high estrogen levels. Revealing the possible reasons behind this, Kapoor said, “Excess estrogen is a very common condition among women as our food and environment are full of estrogen and synthetic chemicals that behave like estrogen. High estrogen can promote problems such as PMS, heavy or painful menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids and an increased risk of breast cancer. cancer,

“So be sure to include about 1/4 cup of this nutrient-rich nut to help balance your hormonal health,” she concludes.

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