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Black Friday 2022: Why is it called Black Friday? All you need to know about the date, history and significance

Black Friday is celebrated a day after the United States celebrates Thank you, Earlier, this day was celebrated only in USA. However, now everyone else around the world celebrates Black Friday. On this day, turkey-stuffed shoppers raid online and offline stores to do holiday shopping in hopes of getting the best discounts on a variety of items. Typically, stores open very early on Black Friday, sometimes past midnight or on Thanksgiving, to offer great deals and attract many customers. But why is this day called Black Friday? Keep scrolling to learn the history, significance, date and everything you need to know about Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022 Date:

black friday is marked the day after thanksgiving in the United States. This year Black Friday is falling on 25 November.

Why is it called Black Friday? History and Significance of Black Friday 2022:

As we enter the week before Thanksgiving, stores, online shopping platforms, and big brands bombard us with ads for Black Friday sales. And there’s a chance you’ve shopped at least once in your life during black friday sale, But where exactly did the term originate?

There are many myths surrounding the origin of Black Friday. Many believe that Black Friday got its name because retail shoppers get huge discounts and end up recording losses. Since losses are registered in red and gains in black, people believed that bigger deals fetched them higher profits. (Also Read | Thanksgiving 2022: 3 Easy Thanksgiving Activities You Can Plan With Your Kids,

However, this is not the case. Instead, Black Friday got its name from the Philadelphia Police. According to reports, Black Friday has nothing to do with shopping. In the 1950s, police forces in Philadelphia used the term Black Friday to describe the lawlessness of the day after Thanksgiving. At the time, hundreds of suburban tourists would gather in town for football games and cause a headache for the forces.

At the time, many retailers in the city also used the term to describe the long queues and shopping frenzy outside their stores. In 1961, business owners tried to name the day “Big Friday”. however, this never came to fruition. The term gained popularity across America in 1985. And after 2013, Black Friday was adopted globally.

On Black Friday, shoppers rush to take full advantage of bargain shopping ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Some stores even start offering discounts to customers on Thanksgiving Day. As far as online buyers are concerned, they don’t even need to wait till midnight to start shopping.

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