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Beauty Tips: Want to lighten your dark circles? Check Out These 5 Effective Ways

Sleeping too much, extreme tiredness or staying up for a few hours before the normal bedtime can put a person at risk dark circles to form under the eyes And it has become quite a common occurrence in today’s time. Some other causes of dark circles around your eyes can be allergies, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), atopic dermatitis (eczema), contact dermatitis, heredity, pigmentation irregularities, scratching or rubbing of the eyes and sun exposure.

Dark circles can happen to anyone, they are common in:

senior citizen

people with genetic predisposition

People with darker skin (they are prone to hyperpigmentation)

There is no specific reason for the problem under eyes, however, there are a lot of remedies and solutions available in the market these days. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Chiranjeev Chhabra, Director and Chief Dermatologist, Alive Wellness Clinic suggests 5 effective ways to lighten your dark circles:

1. Laser Therapy – Laser treatment has recently become a common solution. From hair removal to treating skin problems, lasers have proven their usefulness for people. It uses heat energy to vaporize damaged cells under the skin around the eyes, specifically targeting darker areas. Laser therapy not only lightens the darker skin but also induces new collagen formation. Fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing is now being used to effectively treat dark circles and loose skin around the eyes.

2. Chemical Peels – A chemical process that removes layers of skin to reveal the youthful skin beneath. Chemical skin can strategically remove fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin complexion and dark circles. Chemicals can vary depending on the issue and usually include glycolic acid, retinoic acid or hydroquinone.

3. Stay Hydrated – Make sure you are drinking a good amount of water. Other fluids, including milk, tea and juice, can also help keep you hydrated. Eating fruits and vegetables also increases your overall fluid intake.

4. Fillers – A hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler can work wonders when injected into the tissue under the eyes by an ophthalmologist, dermatologist, or specially trained healthcare provider. These work effectively in reducing dark circles but the right procedure requires the guidance of an expert.

5. Treating Eyesight – Among all the causes of dark circles and fine lines under the eyes, aging is considered the most common. With age, the skin under the eyes begins to thin. Revitalizing eye treatments include a gentle peel and a hydration mask. The after peel and mask also contains vitamins A, C and E along with essential amino acids.

All these steps together contribute to improving the elasticity of the skin from within and encourage renewal for the betterment of the affected area. The same procedure applies to puffiness and proves to be really effective, however, in any case of under eye problem, if you notice a lot of swelling and discoloration, contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Since there are many reasons why a person might go through them, don’t put them at risk with home remedies or OTC pills. Though dark circles are not a matter of health concern, we often use cosmetics which is not the right solution so know the problem and get the right solution.

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