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Beat the afternoon slump with these effective tips

do you often feel sleepy or Tired In the afternoon, especially after lunch? Well, it is nothing but an ‘afternoon slump’ which comes in the middle of the afternoon and can hamper your work schedule. This ‘recession’ can manifest itself as frequent yawning, tiredness or lethargy, irritability and even feeling unwanted. Ambition,

So, if you’re also struggling with it, here are some effective ways you can overcome this feeling, courtesy of gut microbiome Expert Shonali Sabharwal.

Here’s what he said.

*According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)A crunch helps wake up the brain. so one breakfast Your brain should be awakened with food. Have hummus with nuts, makhana, or some green capsicum.

*Never skip breakfast. Instead of complex carbohydrates from a whole grain: Millet Dalia, Brown Rice Poha, Brown Rice Idli/Dosa.

* engage in some activity; Even stretching helps. It helps to boost energy.

Scientists say that getting away from work and just walking around encourages creativity. Try it, said Sabharwal.

A study published in 2006 found that brief (about 20 minutes) exposure to bright white light increased alertness and enhanced brain responses. According to webmdMelatonin cannot be produced in the presence of bright light, so if you usually feel sleepy around 2:30 or 3 p.m., go for a walk around 2:15 p.m.

*Skip sugar as it increases blood sugar rapidly. While this may result in a surge in energy sooner, once it enters the bloodstream, the body also makes insulin, This lowers the blood sugar level. Sometimes the body over-adjusts itself, causing blood sugar levels to drop rapidly. This explains the drop in energy that some people experience about 30 minutes after eating. sweet snack,

*sip Antioxidant Tea Around 3 o’clock. “I always have my antioxidant tea in my ‘go.’ I have plenty that I enjoy drinking,” she said.

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