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Asian tourists expected to reach pre-pandemic international travel levels by 2024

Asian tourists expected to resume only internationally travel in the past-Epidemic level gradually, by 2024, the new chief executive officer of online travel agency Agoda said late on Monday.

The Asia-focused company expects it will take about six months for tourists from Asian countries except China to travel confidently past related Covid-19 restrictions, said Omri Morgenstern, who took the helm at Agoda in July.

“Korea opened two months ago … but the numbers are 40% compared to before, so it’s not jumping,” he said.

In its Asian markets, Agoda’s booking volume is back to 2019 levels, but more in domestic travel, in contrast to the stronger and faster tourism recovery in the United States and Europe, Morgenstern told Reuters in an interview.

“In the US or Europe, it is almost everyone who decides that COVID is over,” Morgenstern said, noting that travel quickly resumed and many stopped wearing masks.

But in many Asian countries – such as Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia – people generally continue to wear masks even after mandates have been dropped.

Morgenstern said Agoda is introducing more products so that customers can plan their entire itinerary on the platform with the promise of more discounts.

In 2020, the company, a unit of Booking Holdings Inc., cut 1,500 jobs to cut spending amid the pandemic. Now, headcount has returned to pre-Covid levels, he said.

This story has been published without modification in text from a wire agency feed. Only the title has been changed.

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