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Anushka Sharma shares the struggles of shooting sports-themed film: ‘When you have to wake up and wear…’

Simulating an athlete on screen is no easy feat and has its advantages and disadvantages. Anushka Sharma, who is currently shooting chakra expressA biopic on former Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami gave his Instagram family a glimpse of his struggle. Taking to the stage, the actor shared a mirror selfie in which he can be seen wearing black ‘compression tights’ – which means relieve sore muscles,

“When you wake up and wear compression tights (or even sleep) because … sports-based movie,” said actor who is currently shooting the schedule of the film United Kingdom, to keep track.

Anushka Sharma Anushka Sharma wears compression tights (Source: Anushka Sharma / Instagram Stories)

What are compression tights?

Varun Ratan, co-founder of The Body Science Academy, Noida, explained that athletes wear compression tights, which apply mechanical pressure to the body to increase blood circulation. “Unlike loose-fitted pants and shirts, these are designed to compress the leg and arm muscles to help move blood from the limbs back to the heart. People who swear by wearing compression tights believe they improve joint stability, reduce muscle spasms and muscle fatigueincreased muscle recovery, and improved performance,” he added. indianexpress.com,

1 January 2020 National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) study – Effects of wearing compression stockings on exercise performance and associated indicators: a systematic review – also indicated that wearing compression garments such as stockings or tights “may and is believed to benefit muscle function indicators” muscle pain during the recovery period”.

According to Richa Kulkarni, Chief Consulting and Sports Physiotherapist, Dr. Richa’s Kinesis Sports Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic, the types of compression tights, Pune Involved:

1. Graduated Compression Stockings.
2. Anti-embolism stockings.
3. Non-medical aid hosiery.

The research states, “There are different types (eg, shorts for thighs, full-leg) and application modes (eg, using only after exercise) for compression clothing. However, CS (bellow-knee) It is probably more practical to use ‘only’ during exercise a significant number of sports/activities (during recovery, post-exercise).

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Dr Kulkarni listed the following benefits

* It helps in delivering oxygen to the muscles.
* It helps in reducing muscle fatigue after workout.
* It also helps in improving the muscle repair process.

A 2019 study also reported that over the past 15 years, wearing compression garments has become more frequent in various amateur and professional sports. “However, although a limited number of studies provide some evidence that physical performance can be enhanced by compression garments, the current focus of research is increasingly on recovery after intense muscular exposure”.

Emphasizing that such benefits result in “better performance in the respective sports and in a person’s daily activities”, Dr Kulkarni explained that, mostly, compression tights are recommended to be worn during the day and It is taken off while leaving at night. on the bed. “Usually at night, the person is in a stable position which can reverse the effects of compression and increase inflammation in the body,” Kulkarni said. indianexpress.com,

While the studies warrant the need for more research, “compression gear is unlikely to harm your performance and can be worn without concern,” Rattan said.

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