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Anshula Kapoor does it in the gym despite zero motivation; check it out

On days when you’re feeling tired and lacking in energy, workouts may be the last thing on your mind. But, a workout can be what helps you feel refreshed again while also staying on track with your fitness goals. So, if you’ve had bad gym days, here are some. Inspiration Coming Your Way – Courtesy Anshula Kapoor, Who recently shared a post on working out despite “zero motivation”.

Sharing the gym selfie on her Instagram stories, Anshula Wrote, “Zero motivation today, but somehow still got it in a short session”.

Anshula Kapoor How do you workout when you don’t feel like it? (Source: Anshula Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

before, Anshula shared his fitness plan in a ‘Ask me anything’ Sessions on Instagram. “Trainers keep changing my schedule but it’s basically a strength workout with some functional training in the mix at the end of each session. In a week we do strength Training Four times and 1-2 days, I do cardio,” she revealed.

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He also spoke about how, over the years, the meaning of the word ‘healthy’ has changed for him. “Meditate to Yourself: Be a Little Nicer to Yourself Today. Being for Me Today”Healthy‘ means more than what you see in the mirror. One of my first steps for me to become healthier was to accept that mentally I wasn’t in the best place, and what was eating me up inside before I could start working on anything else. It has to be resolved. This was the most uncomfortable part. And the hardest part too. Took so much treatment. So many tears So much uncertainty. Fear. failures. discomfort. self doubt. Then came enlightenment. Thus began the treatment,” she said.

Know what you can do on such days

According to certified fitness trainer Samiran Chetia, a person may engage in certain outdoor activities—such as hiking, jogging or cycling—that “if gym routine Gets monotonous, and also reduces stress.”

In addition, exercising helps release the “happiness hormone” – endorphins – which have a stimulating effect on the brain, promoting a sense of well-being. Engaging in low-intensity exercise releases chemicals called neurotrophic factors that increase the formation of new nerve connections that improve brain functionPravesh Gaur, Founder and Director Shruta Wellness says indianexpress.com In an earlier conversation.

What can you do in the gym?

If You’re at the Gym, “Start Simple” pull“, Chetia told indianexpress.com. “It can help the posture to improve and stay flexible. You can combine this with 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill or with an elliptical machine that will help burn calories. One can also do yoga or meditation as a balance between mental and physical health is important.”

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