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Actor Arya on possible sequels of ‘Captain’ and ‘Boss Angira Bhaskaran’

‘Yes, we can talk while driving from the grounds of Hindustan College to Brooke Mall. It’s good, isn’t it?’ Actor Arya responds to an interview request during the Coimbatore leg of his ongoing road trip across Tamil Nadu to promote his film Captain.

Sitting comfortably in his seat smiling and shaking the hand of the crowd outside, he says that he is enjoying the journey so far. “It is fun going to colleges and theaters to watch trailers with fans. Although we have digital promotion, this kind of grassroots interaction has its own value because I can connect directly with the audience… it helps to create a buzz, and when you communicate better about the film , so it hopes for a better start. I have done this before for my films like Vasuvam Saravanam Onna Padichavanga Back in 2015,” says Arya, “but, a good film will have a good run anyway, no matter what its promotion.

Arya his 34. talks about th Thin layer captain, Other historical films of his career like Madrasapattinam, Nan Kadavul, Sarpatta Parambrai, Raja Rani, and his 15 years journey in films.

Interview excerpts:

What’s going on in ‘Captain’?

It is a fantasy film featuring a creature called the Minotaur. This is a special element in the film, which comes to the fore with the backdrop of the army. The film keeps on revealing the danger it poses and why it has to be neutralized. The film is an action drama but the war is with the creature and not the terrorists or any other country. We hope the ‘awe factor’ attracts the crowd, especially kids who are crazy about Hollywood sci-fi movies.

We have tried our best to match the standards of computer graphics as we have seen in the movies: Spider Man And Superman, I said yes to the film because of director Shakti Sundar Rajan. power is already miruthanaa zombie movie and tick tick tick, A Space Movie, Also teddy, my live-action animated film. He has a track record of doing some great work in the CG space. In captainHe has gone an extra mile in designing the complete figure of a Minotaur in the Coast Guard.

Was it physically demanding to play the army captain Vetriselvan?

Vetriselvan’s team of five is like his family in the film. He is a father figure to the team and it is a lovely relationship. The story is mostly shot in the Northeast border area which was difficult. The most challenging part was the climax fight, which takes place 100 feet above the ground. For that, I had to do rope shots which involved hanging from a height of 120 feet in the middle of the air. We were shooting in Munnar in December for the effect of rain and it was freezing!

In another sequence, I fight a creature 20 feet underwater, which requires me to stay underwater for more than two hours each session. It was impossible to come out after every shot, which made it challenging. Maybe scuba diving skills could have helped me handle the equipment better. I had to signal whenever I was short of breath.

still from movie

still from movie

How was it working with Simran?

It was a fanboy moment. Shakti wrote the character keeping Simran in mind. Thankfully she said yes and it turned out to be a dream come true moment for me.

Is a ‘Boss Angira Bhaskaran’ sequel on the cards, and will it feature actor Santhanam?

We are looking at a script that could be a winner. we can’t afford to do that mokkai Thin layer. It has to come together organically. I am also doing Village The series, a graphic novel adaptation for Amazon Prime. It has gore and horror and is a bold experiment in India. I will also be in Muttiah’s next film rural action drama. My intuitive approach, as I am not particular about screen time and a five-song routine, as well as my desire to do multi-starrers, is helping me achieve great projects.

Do you feel the increasing pressure to take up pan-India films, as it is the trend now?

This is a personal matter. i could have captain There was a huge buzz about it as all India. But it is important to make the film in your native language and then dub it for wider reach. I am doing captain Dubbed in Tamil and in Telugu.

You are also a fan of cycling and recently completed the 1,540 km London-Edinburgh route… How was it?

This was difficult. We completed it in 125 hours, during which I only slept for four hours! Rendonouring is quite different from regular cycling and demands a different mindset altogether. More than training, it is the mind that gets you to the last line. Basically, it’s about pushing your limits and time management. Each Brevet – 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km, 1000km – is timed, requiring you to complete a specific target in a specific amount of time while following the route. You have to keep building up your level of endurance. The longest London-Edinburgh-London route I’ve ever done. Right now, I am preparing for the prestigious 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) ride in August next year.

How has life been after the success of your Pa Ranjith-directed successful film Sarpatta Parambrai (2021)?

He is a director who keeps on evolving. Sarpatta Parambrai It was a sports drama. But in my new movie Nachtiram NagargirdhuThe storytelling was completely different. I loved it. one hit like gallop Helps me do bigger films with better budget. that how captain became possible.

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