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Action at Hanoi’s ‘Train Street’ cafe; Know more about the railway track and what makes it famous

if you have visited HanoiPopular ‘Train Street’ cafes, you would know how iconic they are.

For the unversed, the cafes are located on the famous ‘Train Street’ in the Vietnamese capital; This is an ‘Instagrammable’ place and a popular tourist attractions, According to reports, although new action has been taken on these cafes, which have been ordered to be closed. However, this is not the first time this is happening.

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The famous road sees trains traveling along a track that runs inches away from homes. In other words, cafes are located in a narrow street, where houses and other establishments are all packed together.

according to a CNN According to the report, the action was taken because even though the train track is still operational, “there are safety issues with tourists preferring to sit, lie down and pose on the track”.

In 2019, the outlet reported that the municipal government Hanoi And the local transit authority ordered the closure of these cafes, especially because they were meeting the boom in tourism and it was proving dangerous.

But, there was some scuffle. This time, however, the local government in Hanoi is revoking all licenses of coffee shops and other businesses located here, saying they have until September 17th to wrap-up.

According to reports, the railway track is 117 years old. a Reuters The report previously stated that the railway was built in 1902 under the French colonial rulers, and it goes VietnamNorthern provinces carrying passengers and cargo.

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