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A convention for the food and beverage industry

For the first time in 40 years, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) will organize a conference in Hyderabad

For the first time in 40 years, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) will organize a conference in Hyderabad

National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) Hyderabad Chapter will host the biggest conference Indian Restaurant Industry, Indian Restaurant Conclave 2022 (TIRC) at Hyderabad International Convention Center on 13th September. The one-day conference will be attended by over a thousand delegates, which will be attended by stakeholders from the restaurant industry and India’s leading restaurateurs like Eddie Singh, Riyaz Amlani, Nitin Saluj, Rachel Goenka, Gautam Gupta, Priyanka Sukhika and many more. NRAI will also organize its 40th Annual General Meeting during the conclave. This is the first time that NRAI is hosting its AGM outside Delhi in the four decades since its inception.

The formal launch of the NRAI Hyderabad Chapter will be followed by two panel discussions. The informational panel will cover a wide variety of topics affecting the restaurant industry targeted to meet the needs of CEOs and CXOs, chefs, owners and various marketing teams. Apart from the workshops, leading experts from the industry and top brands in India will discuss the future trends in the industry. The conclave will have more than 50 speakers promoting topics related to the food and beverage industry. The conclave will include a large exhibition area and a plenary session which will be attended by over 1000 delegates from over 26 cities.

Several students from various Hotel Management Institutes are also expected to participate in the conclave. NRAI Hyderabad office bearers say that everyone is free to interact with the delegates and speakers at the conference.

Speaking about the conclave, Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy says, “We will discuss policies adapting ease of doing business from over-regulation and excessive licensing to the challenges faced while dealing with various authorities at the state and hyperlocal level. Hyderabad is the only chapter of NRAI that managed to form an advisory board to the government consisting of IAS and IPS officers. The whole idea behind the conclave is to bridge the gap between organized and unorganized sector in terms of educating the operators as well as food safety, hygiene standards, educating and educating the people in general. ,

Established in 1982, NRAI represents over 5,00,000 restaurants, QSRs, bars, cloud kitchens and catering across India. The Indian restaurant industry employs over 73,00,000 people with an estimated annual turnover of ₹4,23,865 crore, making it the third largest employer sector in the country.

Noting that the conference is open to all to learn about the industry and the network, Shaz Mahmood, Founder, Chapter NRAI Hyderabad and Managing Committee Member, NRAI National, says, “We have a very strong partnership with the Government of Telangana, So we are looking forward to signing several MoUs during the day, promising a lot of international and national brands to set up their restaurants in Telangana. We are also participating in Telangana Tourism by setting up a stall in the Conclave. A very important industry announcement is expected from the Telangana government for the food service sector, something that has not been done anywhere in the country. We are also going to talk about our CSR initiatives.

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