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3 Ways to Recognize the Early Signs of Dyslexia in Your Children

it is possible that your baby Have dyslexia if they have difficulty with spelling, reading, writing or math. A learning condition called dyslexia affects a person’s spoken and written language, making it challenging for them to understand or read words and/or numbers. Because of this, it can be especially difficult for young children to follow instructions in a traditional educational system such as the classroom. According to a study in the Indian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing, the prevalence of dyslexia is estimated to be between 5% and 17% among school-age children in India. Dyslexia can also look different as children get older. It is necessary to identify Symptoms At an early age so that proper medical treatment can be provided. (Also read: Is dyslexia a gift? Here are some amazing benefits ,

According to child therapist and ADHD specialist Dr. Carey, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulties with reading, such as decoding, which can also affect spelling. It is common and often co-occurs in children with ADHD. It can be children who are intellectually gifted and not affect intelligence. The only way to know whether a child has dyslexia is by recognizing its early signs and through a formal and comprehensive assessment by a trained professional. where they perform a series of tests to determine whether your child’s reading and other abilities compare to their peers.”

In her Instagram post, Dr. Lauren, a Certified Special Educator and founder of Think Dyslexia, suggests three ways to spot the early signs of dyslexia in your child.

1. Language

Observe your child’s language development. Be on the lookout for problems with rhyme, pronunciation and word search.

2. Print in Language

Observe your child’s ability to connect print with language. Note whether they are starting to name different letters.

3. Family History

Be on the lookout for problems with speaking, reading, writing, spelling or learning a foreign language.

4. Trouble learning to count

Identify if your child is having trouble learning to count or is struggling to associate a number with an object, such as knowing that “3” is on groups of things like 3 cakes, 3 cars or 3 friends come into force. See if they struggle to recognize patterns, such as shortest to largest or longest to shortest.

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