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Youth of the country are celebrating PM’s birthday as ‘National Unemployment Day’, they should be given employment: Congress

The Congress on Saturday claimed that youths are marking the prime minister in view of the “worrying” job situation in the country. Narendra Modicelebrated his birthday as “National Unemployment Day” and demanded that he provide them employment as promised.

The opposition party also congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his 72nd birthday and wished him good health and long life.

“Our ideological and political fight against them is on. His personal vendetta against us has intensified. Nevertheless, here’s wishing our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 72nd birthday,” Congress general secretary in-charge communications Jairam Ramesh said in a tweet.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinet said that the birthdays of Indian Prime Ministers are always celebrated as special days.

In view of his love for children, Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day, Indira’s birthday is celebrated as Communal Harmony Day and Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday as ‘Sadbhavna Diwas’. is celebrated in

Shrinett said, “In fact, even Atal ji’s birthday in December is celebrated as Good Governance Day, which is why it gives concern and pain that Mr Modi’s birthday is celebrated by the youth of this country. It is being celebrated as National Unemployment Day by

He said that it is a great cause for concern that despite India being the youngest country in the world, 60 per cent of the country’s working age population is either unemployed or not looking for work.

“In fact, in the age group of 20-24, 42 per cent of the youth are unemployed. If that’s not a worrying situation, I wonder what is. And the Prime Minister can neither hide behind Kovid, nor can Russia-Ukraine The war is because unemployment had reached a 45-year high even before the first case of Kovid came to light.

“The latest 8.3 per cent unemployment rate is extremely worrying for our economy and population,” the Congress leader said.
Modi had promised about two crore annual jobs, but only seven lakh people have been given employment in the last eight years, he claimed, adding that 22 crore people had applied for the jobs.

“In fact, it is a body blow as it affects women the most. Their participation in the labor market has come down from 26 per cent to 15 per cent. It is also a double whammy as it comes with high prices and no pay. Is.

Why is it that there is no national debate and the government does not want to discuss the important issue of unemployment, he asked.

“Every time you mention unemployment and price rise, they want to talk about unnecessary, irrelevant, disturbing issues and they promote propaganda,” the Congress leader alleged.

Shrinate also listed Congress’ proposals for prime minister, asking where are the two crore annual jobs and why 60 lakh central and state government posts are vacant.

Why is it that MSMEs, which employ the largest number of people, are at the receiving end of the Prime Minister’s flawed policies, he asked.

“Why is it that despite publicly praising you, the private sector is not ready to invest and hence jobs are not being created? Because investing is an act of trust, isn’t it obvious that they don’t believe in your policies? Also, is your excessive focus on just one or two billionaires, the ‘hum do, our do’ model, leaves the rest of the Indian industry to create jobs,” asked Shrinate.

referring to the the path of fire In the military recruitment scheme, he asked why the PM had come up with a “conspiracy” to employ youth for only four years and then make them retire at the age of 23.

Modi ji, on your 72nd birthday, I once again wish you good health and good health. But I feel sad to see that the youth of the country are celebrating your birthday as National Unemployment Day.

He said, ‘You have two years left in your tenure. I will only gently and humbly remind you that men in history are remembered not for the monuments they built but for the work they did for our people. Please go ahead and create more jobs and above all, go ahead and at least start talking about unemployment and price rise,” she said.

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