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‘Women are the real leaders’: PM Narendra Modi lauds women workers in India’s dairy sector

Greater Noida: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (September 12, 2022) underlined the contribution of women workforce in India’s dairy sector and said that women represent 70 per cent of the workforce in India’s dairy sector and more than a third of dairy cooperatives. are members. women.

“Women are the real leaders of India’s dairy sector… In 2014, India produced 146 million tonnes of milk. Now it has increased to 210 million tonnes. That means an increase of almost 44 percent,” PM Narendra Modi he said.

PM Modi today inaugurated the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS) 2022. PM Modi also inspected an exhibition at India Expo Center & Mart, Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that the digital revolution witnessed in India has reached the dairy sector as well. “India’s dairy sector is recognized for mass production rather than mass production. Today 8 crore families are getting employment from the dairy sector. Due to the collective efforts of small scale dairy farmers, India has become the largest producer of dairy products in the world,” PM Modi said.

Addressing the people at the program, PM Modi said that the Center along with the states is making efforts to control the lumpy skin disease in cattle. Many states are battling Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in cattle and this disease has emerged as a matter of concern for the dairy sector.

“Our scientists have also developed an indigenous vaccine for lumpy skin disease,” Modi said while addressing the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS) 2022.

The four-day IDF WDS 2022 is being held from September 12 to September 15 at the India Expo Center & Mart in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. According to the statement, around 1,500 participants from 50 countries are expected to participate in the IDF WDS 2022. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the last such summit was held in India in 1974.

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