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Viral Video: UP girls took to the streets to leak NUDE photos- Watch

Uttar PradeshVideos of catfights are common on social media and the main reason for this is usually a dispute over a lover. Another viral video on social media shows two girls fighting while one of them has accused the other of leaking nude pictures of her. The location and identities of the girls in the video are unknown, but the internet is breaking as comments flood in on the viral clip.

It can be seen in the viral video that both the girls had already fought and the fight around the two was about to start. One of the girls accuses the other of sending nude photos to a man when the man filming the argument asks the girls why they are fighting. The other girl, who can be seen wearing a mask, can be heard disputing the claims.

The first girl can then be heard claiming that she also has evidence, but the second round begins before she can explain how the nude photos of her were released. She beats the masked girl with her other hand while holding her phone in a fit of rage before starting to fight him.

After this, both the girls are heard abusing and abusing each other’s character. Many people are present at the spot but none of them tries to intervene. The video ends with a phone call from both of them stating that they will file a complaint. The video went viral on Twitter and the post received hilarious comments.

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