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Truck crushes worker fighting illegal mines in Karuri

A truck, believed to belong to a mine, hit Jagannathan when he was driving a two-wheeler.

A truck, believed to belong to a mine, hit Jagannathan when he was driving a two-wheeler.

In Karur district, K. A worker demanding closure of illegal stone quarries was allegedly crushed by a mine truck at Kuppam near Paramathi on Saturday evening.

The incident happened a day after a mine located near Kalipalayam, where worker R. Jagannathan lived, it was closed by the Geology and Mining Department on complaints of being operated illegally.

According to local sources, a truck allegedly belonging to Annai stone mine rammed Jagannathan when he was driving a two-wheeler. After confirming that he was dead, the occupants of the truck are said to have made a play by alerting the ambulance service to give the impression of a road accident. Jagannathan was declared brought dead at the Government Medical College Hospital.

As information spread, a group of social activists led by Tamil Nadu Environment Protection Movement convener RS ​​Mugilan and relatives and friends of the victim gathered in front of the hospital and staged a sit-in. Alleging Jagannathan’s murder for fighting for the closure of the Annai mine, he demanded a detailed inquiry into the death.

Jagannathan’s wife Revathi said her husband was brutally murdered to expose the illegal operation of the mine and refused to accept the body till the arrest of all the accused on Sunday.

Later in the day, the police arrested the mine owner, 39-year-old S. Selvakumar was arrested; Sakthivel, 24, lorry driver; and Ranjeet Kumar, 40, from Raivelur, is accused of killing Jagannathan. Incidentally, in 2019, Jagannath had a narrow escape when he was attacked with lethal weapons by a group of individuals protesting against the mining operation. In that case also Selvakumar and Ranjit Kumar were made accused.

E. Sundaravathanam, Superintendent of Police, Karur, said Hindu that according to initial inquiries, there was a Prima facie It is indicated that Jagannathan was murdered to file a complaint against the stone quarry. Further information will be available only after detailed investigation.

Jagannathan had long participated in meetings and protests organized by environmentalists against illegal sand and stone quarries in the district.

“It is sad that Jagannathan was brutally murdered for raising his voice against illegal mines. This is an attempt to silence the people who are fighting to save the environment. We will continue our protest till all those involved in the case are arrested. There should be a fair investigation,” demanded P. Gunasekaran, a social activist from Karur.

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