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Surprised by India’s economic recovery: Nirmala Sitharaman

Yes, Government makes policy, removes barriers, facilitates, but you are the doer, says Union Finance Minister in his address at BusinessLine Changemaker Awards

Yes, Government makes policy, removes barriers, facilitates, but you are the doer, says Union Finance Minister in his address at BusinessLine Changemaker Awards

Edited excerpts from Nirmala Sitharaman’s address at the BusinessLine Changemaker Awards:

We are in a time when big changes are taking place around the world. I am not here to say that we have become the fifth biggest but I will say it anyway because almost a decade ago we were 11th. We kept looking at countries above us… Britain was in fifth place at the time. Today, in a span of ten years, India has jumped from 11th to fifth place, which is no small feat. This is an achievement for all of us, the credit should be taken by the people of India. Yes, there is government, it makes policy, removes obstacles, provides facilities, but you are the doer. And in this period, do not forget, we had a pandemic when everything had to be brought to an unprecedented grinding halt. But after that the speed with which we have recovered and are going on, it is in a way that the whole world is in awe.

India is a very vibrant political environment and there are always questions whether this recovery is K, U, V or L? [shaped], I am not here to criticize it. But the truth is that the recovery still makes us the fastest growing economy in the world. This is not something you should ridicule as it undermines the achievements of Indians. It doesn’t matter whether you like the government in power today or not. Saying: ‘Hey! It is nothing. Oh! Inflation is high and not less than 6%. Yes, who is denying? but I think [we are] At a time when we should be positive and forward and encouraging each other to make sure we don’t lose the momentum… How many times in the history of independent India have we had the opportunity to push ourselves at a much faster pace have not received? For some reason, we just couldn’t catch up. We cannot afford to do it this time and especially when everything is going well, our self-deprecating attitude should not be so strong as to make the young Indian mind aware of what is happening in the country. be suspicious.

In our energy and enthusiasm to keep democracy alive… Yes, we should have the right to speak freely but not be so cynical. Look where we are today. Of course, 1991 happened…. Who denies? But the speed at which it should have been done was over in ten years. Now all that is being built and we are moving fast despite the pandemic that engulfed us for a quarter, after which it took its own time to recover.

We all should give ourselves a pause to think about what we are doing for our country. Even if you can’t serve it, at least don’t discard it. At least don’t spread your toxicity. This is a time when we all want to be positive. We would like to join… See the outstanding work these award winners have done. Will we forget them tomorrow and say that nothing is happening in this country? it’s all happening. So I take this opportunity to not only display the achievements of the country, which are there for all of us to see.

If we have transactions worth ₹10.6 lakh crore on UPI, and an India Stack that is now the envy of the world… how did you manage? What did you do for this digital achievement? And see the scale – you press a button in Delhi and a beneficiary in any part of the country gets the money in no time. And I am not comparing myself with anyone else but with developed economies who are still writing checks and putting them in post boxes waiting to be received by their beneficiaries. Let us all sit down and stop the negativity. Achievements are in front of everyone.

We, at this stage, should kindly ensure that we contribute to the economy in our regions and realize the value of word of mouth. Newspapers are important, digital platforms are important, television is important, editorials are important, speeches are important, but word of mouth is the most powerful. We should be convinced about what is happening in India and talk to everyone about it.

Take a look at the achievements of Bharat Biotech, which has now got approval for a nasal vaccine. As in any other part of the world, they are still looking for syringes to deliver vaccinations. This is a new model which is being patented and is purely Indian. So I am sure that many such things are happening in India and people are benefiting from it.

Young people are eager to take that leap forward, not just for incremental growth. We all should sit and be positive about India, not only for GDP growth or because our forex reserves are high, but there are many more things that we need to get out and talk about. Let me take an example of what the Prime Minister has done… Look at the people who have received Padma awards. Each has done remarkable work in every nook and corner of the country. It’s the kind of work that’s best happening around us that we need to step up and say: This is my India, these people are contributing to India, and we’re only going to move forward at a good pace. Huh.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.



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