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Sukesh Ki Safai: The Life of a Thug

One of the earliest stories of the confidence trick by serial conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar dates back to his early days in Bengaluru, where he grew up. Then a 17-year-old, he is known to have carried with him a forged letter from the Bengaluru Police Commissioner declaring that the juvenile was eligible to drive a car and bike anywhere in Karnataka.

That was in 2006, when he dropped out of class 10th. Since then, the guy who likes fast cars has gone all-out, pulling off a series of jaw-dropping hoaxes, impersonating everyone from a former chief minister’s son. CBI officers, senior police officers, officials in the Prime Minister’s Office and in high-profile central ministries, and even Supreme Court judges. Many of his audacious acts of extortion have been committed from prison – Sukesh has been jailed continuously since 2017, when he was charged with allegedly taking money from AIADMK rebel TTV Dinakaran to bribe an Election Commission official. was arrested.

Now, as he is caught in the web of overlapping cases which is being investigated Delhi Police and the Enforcement Directorate, Sukesh, who has at least 30 FIRs registered in his name, is again drawing attention for an investigation into how he diverted his allegedly wrongfully earned money from small-time Bollywood actors. and spent on a bevy of celebrities, including Jacqueline Fernandez And Nora FatehiThose who are coming for questioning in matters related to him.

First Time at 17: Fancy Cars and the High Life

Sukesh aka Balaji aka Shekhar Reddy was 17 when he was first arrested Bangalore In August 2007, police had allegedly duped a family friend, 76-year-old Subramani, to the tune of Rs 1.14 crore after he claimed friendship with the son of JD(S) leader and then chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, while in custody. promised to retrieve a plot from The planning body run by Bangalore Development Authority, Govt.

Police say he siphoned off money at a house to host his parties, among other things. They also recovered a BMW, a Nissan, a Toyota Corolla, a Honda City, a Honda Accord, 12 high-end watches, six cell phones, one worth Rs 3.40 lakh, a 50-inch LCD television set, gold coins. jewelry and designer. Clothes.

“The boy used to come in a Honda V-Tech and roam around drag racers in Bengaluru,” says an acquaintance of Sukesh’s teenage years. “Once, in a coffee shop in South Bangalore, I heard him tell someone that he could ensure admission in a certain school because he was the son of the owner of the school. I was shocked to hear this as my mother used to run the school,” he says.

D Devaraj, a former deputy commissioner of police in Bengaluru who led the team that nabbed Sukesh in April 2011 – as secretary to the then Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa, allegedly duped dozens of traders in Tamil Nadu and promised government contracts In case of doing. Return for Bribe – Says “Sukesh Chandrasekhar has a fixation for high-end cars and the high life that can be traced back to his school days.”

According to police sources, the fascination for cars and driving began during Sukesh’s school days at a prominent school in Bengaluru, where many of his classmates arrived in fancy cars, while Chandrashekhar, who hailed from a lower middle-class family, was abandoned. In school by his father, a contractor, part-time mechanic and sales man of automobile spare parts.

Eight luxury cars seized by Income Tax officials during probe into Sukesh’s activities have been lying in the premises of the Karnataka wing of the IT department since November 2017. Eight luxury cars (a Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, BMW, Jaguar, a Toyota Land Cruiser) and a Ducati motorcycle, were seized after an investigation into an alleged Rs 50 crore bribery deal . The case – the first one that catapulted him into the big league of thugs – involved Sukesh, then in Tihar Jail, allegedly promising a deal with a faction of the AIADMK led by VK Sasikala and his nephew TTV Dhinakaran, assuring him Gave that he would influence the officials of the Election Commission before the RK Nagar by-election and get them the party’s ‘two leaves’ symbol. Chennai, The election was later postponed and the investigation reached Sukesh’s doorstep.

his partner in crime

But by then, Sukesh had been arrested several times and was released on bail in 2009, when he met Leena Maria Paul, later his wife and his co-accused in several frauds.

Police say that when Sukesh was arrested in 2011 – in the case where he posed as Yediyurappa’s secretary – Leena helped track him down. The arrest led to a temporary break-up, but the couple soon got back together and moved to Kochi. However, he was forced to leave the city in 2012 after a textile group filed a case of fraud against him. Sukesh had taken 20 lakh rupees from Emmanuel Silks of Kochi promising to bring the actress. Katrina Kaif for a promotional event.

Sukesh’s parents Chandrashekhar and Mala were also arrested along with him in cheating cases in 2007 and 2011.

After this, Sukesh was arrested in 2013. Kolkata and Leena to a business couple in Delhi and a branch of Canara Bank in Chennai for defrauding them to the tune of Rs 19 crore, after claiming to be officials of the Karnataka government, that the couple’s firm was interested in a sanitary napkin dispensing machine. Future Techniques Pvt Ltd, was the pioneer.

Sukesh and Maria reportedly assured the couple that if they made an initial investment of Rs 19 crore, they would be given a contract worth Rs-132 crore for distribution of sanitary napkins around Karnataka. The Chennai couple obtained a loan from Canara Bank and transferred the money to the private accounts pointed out by Sukesh, who was posing as a Karnataka-cadre IAS officer. The couple siphoned off Rs 12 crore before the fraud was discovered.

Rs 200 crore fraud

However, Sukesh’s big reveal came in 2021, when Aditi Singh, wife of Shivinder Singh, former Fortis Healthcare promoter, lodged an FIR. FIR along with the Delhi Police, alleging that she was duped of Rs 200 crore by a man posing as a “law secretary”, who promised to help her husband’s affairs if she contributed to the “party fund”. Is.

She also alleged that the man called again from a landline – which the Truecaller app displayed as the number of a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office – and asked him to meet the former law minister or the current home minister of the party. Asked to go to the office or North Block. Minister.

Even for someone who had performed the most audacious stunts, it gave a tough competition to Sukesh.

A case of extortion and impersonation was registered in the Special Cell and he was arrested from inside Rohini Jail, where he was then kept. The police later transferred the case to the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) and made more arrests, including that of Rohini Jail officials, and added sections of the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA).

While he performed this seemingly impossible stunt, Sukesh lived it inside the jail, reportedly paying Rs 1.5 crore every month for a separate barrack and using mobile phones freely. Based on the documents, facts and evidence collected during the investigation, the Delhi Police concluded that the money was given as a bribe to all the employees, irrespective of their duty, to ensure that they remained silent. An FIR was registered against Sukesh and 82 jail staff and eight jail officials were arrested.

Haveli on Chennai’s East Coast Road

A spontaneous talker, Sukesh is known to be conversant in any of the South Indian languages, Hindi and English.

Tamil Nadu police officers, who have investigated Sukesh, describe him as a mild-mannered person. “Such a soft spoken man. You will not believe that he is involved in such crimes,” said a senior police officer, who has investigated several cases involving Sukesh and Leena since 2012.

They have allegedly duped over 100 people including poultry farmers, underwear manufacturers, pressure cooker manufacturers, bank officials, parking system manufacturers, kitchen equipment manufacturers and dry fruits packaging firms by claiming to be middlemen for government contracts.

Regarding Sukesh’s mannerisms, former DCP of Bengaluru Devraj (now the SP of Kolar district) says, “He rarely accomplishes his goals personally.

“He used to look up government contracts and companies on the Internet and then make his point of view on the telephone,” said a police officer, who used spoofing, a technique that involved masking the caller’s phone number with multiple choices. Is.

“Sukesh will push his victims to a corner, adding that the contracts are set to be finalized by the end of the day. He would promise to fill out tender documents for a commission and contact a large number of businessmen to deliver the contracts. His girlfriend used to call every now and then, pretending to be his secretary. Once the money was transferred to specially created bank accounts, they would disappear,” the official said.

A senior Enforcement Directorate official, who was part of the raid on Chandrasekhar’s luxury beach-front mansion on East Coast Road in Chennai in August last year, says the team was stunned by what they saw.

“I went to several palatial houses to search, but this mansion was something else. The amount of money and attention that went into designing the interior was just incredible. When we later tried to trace them online, we were unable to estimate the cost of the lights and lamps. Expensive artifacts such as paintings, sculptures and works of art in brass and silver … the head of a horse made in copper, the setting of a racing car inside the house, and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR was accompanied by an engraving of ‘722’, that iconic Tribute to the car that Sir Stirling Moss drove in his famous 1955 Mille Miglia race,” said an official.

In the past, Sukesh has reportedly slapped DMK patron M. introduced himself as the grandson of KarunanidhiAs the son-in-law of former Union Minister MK Alagiri, and son of several political leaders and bureaucrats such as former Union Minister TR Balu, former Tamil Nadu Finance Minister K Anbazhagan, former Karnataka minister Karunakar Reddy and former Karnataka chief minister. Secretary Sudhakar Rao, and as the nephew of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

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Since 2007, Sukesh’s crime graph has increased in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai,

“Sukesh Chandrashekhar has created a web through his devious mechanisms. He is a master con man and with the technology at his disposal he can execute his plan to make it happen. He accessed a mobile phone, got it recharged, generated virtual numbers, downloaded apps to defraud calls, modified his voice, even used technology to show that different personalities were present to the victim. Were calling to weave a web of lies to ensure that the victims did not fall out. The ED, in its first chargesheet, said, “His habit was to collect information from all plausible sources, be it open source, deep/dark web, with family and jail authorities to influence the victim and create fear of extortion money.” To be related to him.” Chandrashekhar last year

A senior police officer in Chennai said that despite the staggering breadth of Sukesh’s fraud, he never had to put in too much effort. “His skill, craft and success was about his deep understanding of Indian politics, governments and how the judiciary works. He was a watcher of the weaknesses of the Indian system, be it corrupt politicians, aspiring personalities or industrialists. He is not just a thug, but a man with a deep understanding of the way India works.

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