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Stalin’s family’s real strength in Tamil Nadu, they are a doll: AIADMK interim chief K Palaniswami

CHENNAI: AIADMK interim chief K Palaniswami on Friday termed the DMK government as family rule and alleged that Chief Minister MK Stalin’s family has taken over the power while he is a mere doll. During the alleged autocratic DMK rule of the last 15 months, people have only suffered, he claimed while addressing a protest held at nearby Chengalpet recently against the hike in electricity rates. “It is a family rule. There will be only one chief minister in a state. However, in Tamil Nadu, there are about 4 chief ministers. The family is the power centre, which owns the power. Today, chief minister Stalin looks like a doll,” Palaniswami, who is the Leader of the Opposition, alleged.

The AIADMK leader alleged that Stalin’s son-in-law and son and chief minister’s wife were in power. Stalin does not rule Tamil Nadu, it is his family’s rule, alleged AIADMK’s interim general secretary. He claimed that people are not getting benefit while the state is allegedly being looted. “Commission, collection, corruption is happening in all departments. The focus is only on them, not in addressing the issues of the people,” Palaniswami alleged. In the past, the slogans of commission, collection and corruption were often used by the DMK to target the AIADMK government. He said people are being deceived by the DMK regime by raising slogans of Dravidian model.

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Palaniswami referred to the increase in property tax in the state, including in corporation, municipal and nagar panchayat areas. Pointing to such local taxes and increased electricity rates, Palaniswami dubbed Stalin the king of (tax) collection (Vasul Mannan), squeezing out as many taxed people as possible. Taking potshots at the often repeated Dravidian model regime, Stalin’s slog, he alleged, was reflected in the substandard items found in Pongal festival hampers, which were distributed earlier this year.



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