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Stalin sets October 15 deadline to implement declarations

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Tuesday set October 15 as the deadline for issuing government orders to secretaries of all departments and implementing the remaining announcements made by the government during 2021-22 and 2022-23. He also called for better coordination between ministers and their departments.

He reviewed the implementation of the schemes in the meeting of secretaries of all departments at Kalaivanar Arangam, Chennai.

The Chief Minister said that out of 1,634 announcements made during 2022-23, government orders were issued in respect of 937 announcements (according to 57%), and they have been implemented. As far as 1,680 announcements made during 2021-22 are concerned, orders were issued for all except 100 and 94% of them were implemented.

“I have heard that coordinated action between ministers and officials is also missing on some occasions in some departments. … this should never happen in any department under any circumstances,” Mr. Stalin said.

Pointing to the “unnecessary delay” in implementing the announcements made by various departments, Mr. Stalin said, “This should be avoided. It is true that one must think and act. But one cannot keep thinking.” ”

Acknowledging the financial crisis, Mr Stalin directed officials to prioritize announcements before approving outlays. Referring to criticism from some departments in the mainstream media and social media, he advised officials to be careful while implementing the schemes.

He pointed to the “lack of coordination” between the different levels of the bureaucracy and underlined the need for them to work together. He also requested the Chief Secretary to give suggestions at regular intervals to the senior officers appointed as monitoring officers in the districts.

He said that though the programs were prepared by various sources, the responsibility of implementing them lay with the ministers and secretaries of the departments concerned.

The Chief Minister also underlined the importance of coordination between departments.

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