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Siblings lock themselves in for 3 years after parent’s death

Three siblings in their 30s and 40s have reportedly locked themselves in their home since the start of the first lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic and lead an anonymous life without any contact with the outside world But the stench emanating from their house compelled the neighbors. to take cognizance of their presence. When out of the three male members went out to get food and water, two women imprisoned themselves inside the house.

On Friday night, the police and municipal staff informed about the existence of one such family. They were getting their packed meals from local eateries, did not take bath, and did not have electricity or water connections as they had not paid bills for several months.

The siblings’ parents used to run a successful eatery (Dosa Point) in the city, but the father died in 2016 after breaking a leg, the mother died of cancer in 2017, and the children reportedly slowed down. Slowly went into depression. The COVID lockdown in March 2020 had come as a supporting agent to push him deeper into depression.

The incident became a classic example of living in a “concrete jungle” in inhumane conditions where even neighbors didn’t bother to know what was happening to the family, the ward secretariat and state government volunteers didn’t even bother or Despite some social media leaks on Friday night, there was some air of the existence of such a family. The relatives of the brothers and sisters who lived locally never told anyone about their plight.

On Saturday morning, Zilla Parishad President Boya Girijamma, who lives in the same city ward of Anantapur city, took cognizance of the incidents there and with the help of the local councilor got the cleaning staff of the Municipal Corporation forcibly cleaned.

At a time when no one was ready to “disturb” the neighboring family, she consulted a government general hospital psychiatrist B. Varadaraju to accompany her to the house and took Mayor Mohammad Wasim Saleem and the police personnel of I Town to talk to her and persuade the doctors to come out of the house to explain her problem.

On Saturday, two tractor-laden food, packing material and other garbage were removed from the house. Dr. Varadaraju, assistant professor in GGH’s department of psychiatry, advised the local authorities to shift him either to a hospital or to an isolated home, where he could be treated and counseled to return to normal life.

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