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‘Serious concern’: At UNSC, India calls for immediate end to Ukraine war

Against the backdrop of Russian President Vladimir Putin pushing more forces Ukraine India on Thursday told the UN Security Council that the need of the hour is to end the conflict in Ukraine and return to talks to capture territories and signal the use of nuclear weapons if needed.

“The trajectory of the Ukraine conflict is of grave concern to the entire international community. The future outlook appears to be even more troubling. The nuclear issue is a particular concern,” External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told the 15-nation UN Security Council. As quoted by news agency PTI.

He said, “We have all experienced its consequences in the form of rising costs and real shortages of food grains, fertilizers and fuels.

Last week, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in the Uzbekistan city of Samarkand, PM Modi on Friday told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “today’s era is not the era of war”.

Later, French President Emmanuel Macron and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan cited PM Modi’s remarks of “today’s era not war” to urge Putin to end his offensive.

India has not criticized the Russian invasion, but has condemned the Buka massacre in which innocent civilians were killed.

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