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‘Police could have killed violent BJP protesters but…’: Mamata Banerjee on Nabanna Cholo march

Kolkata: Defending the West Bengal Police’s criticism, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said policemen on duty may have opened fire on ‘violent’ BJP protesters during the Nabanna Cholo march, but the government exercised ‘maximum’ restraint. Banerjee also alleged that the saffron party brought bomb-armed goons on trains from outside the state during its ‘Nabanna Abhiyan’ on Tuesday.

During an administrative meeting at Nimtauri in East Medinipur district, he said, “Many policemen were mercilessly attacked by those who participated in that rally… The police could have opened fire, but our administration showed maximum restraint.”

The CM said that a few weeks before Bengal’s biggest festival Durga Puja, the protest march caused trouble to commuters and traders.

“We have nothing against democratic and peaceful protest. But, the BJP and its supporters resorted to violence, vandalism and arson. They torched properties and created fear among people.

“We will not allow it. Arrests are being made and the law will take its course.”



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