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Person, who is currently in CM’s office, prevented police from taking action: Kerala Governor mentions attack on him in Kannur

New Delhi: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Monday (September 19, 2022) intensified the attack on the Left government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan by accusing the police of physically assaulting the Kannur University in 2019.

“Whatever happened to me (physical assault) in Kannur happened in the presence of several police personnel. In the video since then, you can see a senior political functionary, who is now in the CM’s office, stopping the police from taking action,” Kerala Governor AM Khan said.

“We are living in a state where the convener of the ruling front has been banned from flying for unruly behaviour. Governor of Kerala.

“The CM had also come to meet me regarding the appointment of VC in Kannur University… He had forced me to interrupt the process with the AG’s letter,” he said.

Earlier, on Sunday, the Kerala Governor accused the government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of directing the police not to register a complaint for assaulting him at Kannur University in 2019.

Asked whether Disha only showed favoritism towards those responsible or was it part of an alleged conspiracy to “attack” them, Khan said and asked the media to investigate it.

Speaking to reporters in Aluva yesterday, the Governor said, “The Chief Minister in charge of the Home Department had given special instructions not to report it. The police have been instructed not to take cognizance. It was a cognizable offense under the IPC.”

He said that the IPC clearly states that if anyone tries to “intimidate” or “harass” the President or the Governor of India from discharging his duties, it is a cognizable offense punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years. imprisonment and fine.

“Now, I leave it to you, the presspersons, to find out whether this was a conspiracy or partisanship that we see everywhere,” he said.

Khan, however, said that the alleged conspirators never wanted to kill him. “Naturally, they didn’t want to kill me. They know what (its) consequences will be. They only wanted to scare me,” he said.

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