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NGO launches free homes for children suffering from cancer in Chennai

The National Society for Childhood Cancer, CanKids KidsCan, has started a state care coordination center and home away from home.

The “Samanvay Kendra” was opened in association with HDFC Life, Data Pattern, Access Health Care, CSR partners who were engaged in various health related projects.

The Coordination Center will provide accommodation for children with cancer and their families so that they can continue their treatment.

“It is important that children with cancer survive and thrive and receive the best care,” Health Minister I. Subramaniam, who founded the center on Sunday, said. He praised the NGO CanKids for supporting and joining hands with the parents of the children.

The coordination center can accommodate up to 24 families and has a range of services such as a patient navigation facility; psychological and nutritional counseling; nutritional support, education support; and physiotherapy.

Of the 3,686 children in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry who are diagnosed with cancer annually, only 60% reach any cancer treatment centre.

CanKids is partnering with 16 childhood cancer-treating hospitals in the state.

The Health Department signed an MoU with CanKids KidsCan as their knowledge and support partner for childhood cancer in the state.

Poonam Bagai, President, CanKids Kidscan said, “September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month when we honor children living with cancer. Tamil Nadu State Care Coordination Center inaugurated by Health Minister Childhood Cancer in Tamil Nadu and adjoining states of Southern India Reiterates our commitment to work with the State Government and all other stakeholders to bring about a change for the



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