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New Hiring Platform for Startups and SMEs

It will assist in the recruitment process of Startups and SMEs by sharing valid profiles of candidates

It will assist in the recruitment process of Startups and SMEs by sharing valid profiles of candidates

To facilitate effective recruitment for Startups and SMEs, Chennai based CIEL HR Services has launched a new initiative called CIEL Rapid.

CIEL Rapid will provide complete flexibility to Startups and SME employers to specifically select their services and meet their recruitment needs. By offering three services- Profile Sourcing, Interview Coordination and Final Select Follow-up, it provides the industry with the best turnaround time. The service geared towards startups and SMEs assists in the recruitment process by sharing valid profiles of potential candidates and helps in scheduling interviews. Customers can select the service for which they require assistance and pay only for that respective service.

CIEL Group Executive Chairman K. Pandia Rajan said: “CIEL Rapid has the potential to revolutionize the recruitment landscape of SMEs and Startups not only in urban but also in rural parts of our country. We aim to reach at least 10% of the addressable market in the next few quarters. can keep.

Managing Director and CEO Aditya Narayan Mishra explained that the idea was developed keeping in mind that startups constantly need to hire talent quickly, but lack sufficient resources to pick the right candidates. Is. He further added, “Many startups and SMEs that are either bootstrapped or are in the early stages of funding, spend their money carefully. Hence, our platform is tailored to suit their needs and offers a wide range of hiring opportunities for SMEs and Startups. The process has been simplified.” “We have trained recruiters as part of CIEL Rapid to present job opportunities effectively, screen candidates and validate ideal people,” he said.

Data provided by CIEL Group shows that the fastest growing startup ecosystem in India has created 7.68 lakh jobs in India in the last six years. There are over 7.9 million MSMEs in India, which contribute about 30 per cent to the GDP and create 111 crore jobs.

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