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More number of people holding multiple properties in leasehold land: Petition

Leasehold lands are referred to as lands that are legally owned by the government, although they are being leased to citizens for a fixed period (usually long enough) so that citizens are actually entitled to own the land. Without getting the benefit of affordable housing. In India, several state governments have taken initiatives to promote residential housing in leasehold lands since independence. In addition, almost all the state governments have some basic criteria on the basis of which they decide the eligibility of any person to become a lessee of such leased land.

One such key criterion is that the person concerned should not have any other leasehold residential accommodation and is in genuine need of the accommodation. These parameters have been put in place so that the genuine needy people have access to this exclusive option of affordable housing. According to the 2011 Census, the number of homeless people in India is not very low, it is around 17 lakhs who need their own accommodation and now after more than a decade the situation is expected to worsen.

Despite the government’s mechanism to ensure that only those in need can get access to such leased land for their much needed housing, it has been pointed out over time that those who are not eligible can also avail of such schemes. taking advantage.

Recently a number of writ petitions were filed in the Calcutta High Court by a certain petitioner named Atanu Das, where it was mentioned that several persons have multiple leasehold properties in violation of the Acts and Rules of the Government.

The persons reported are said to have several properties in leasehold land which are in and around Bidhannagar (also known as Salt Lake), New Town and other parts of Kolkata.

The petition is being heard before Justice Amrita Sinha and the final decision of the court is yet to come.

A government official aware of the situation said on condition of anonymity that many people apply and take advantage of leasehold land, while suppressing the fact of having other properties and in such a situation it is not necessary for the government to make any such claim. It is also very difficult to actively verify the case. repression

In general, the government has clear rules and policies about who is eligible to hold a leasehold property. Despite such rules being in place, many people reportedly have several properties in leasehold land and even cooperative societies, which are not permitted by law. Since the government is lacking in terms of implementing its rules and actively finding loopholes, the deserving people are compelled to take up such matters to the honorable court.

While it is not new that the welfare schemes of the government failed to reach the targeted beneficiaries, it is indeed the way the affluent are availing the schemes for those who are in dire need of housing.

The central government and state governments are bringing in new schemes and policies to provide housing options especially to the low income group citizens. But unless such misuse and unfair use is brought down with a strong hand, there will always be a lack of new schemes and policies.

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