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Monsoon withdrawal starts from Rajasthan

Sources said the ‘normal’ or average date for southwest Rajasthan is September 17.

Sources said the ‘normal’ or average date for southwest Rajasthan is September 17.

India’s monsoon rains, 7% above normal, said the system had started retreating from southwest Rajasthan and parts of Kutch on Tuesday, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

The ‘normal’ or average return date from southwest Rajasthan was September 17. The withdrawal of the southwest monsoon was based on meteorological conditions such as the absence of rainfall in an anti-cyclonic circulation (dry air that is the opposite of a cyclone). Water vapor imagery indicating dry weather conditions over the past five days and in the region.

The withdrawal of monsoon is a long drawn out process and extends till mid-October, although the IMD considers September 30 as the last day of monsoon rains in India. Subsequent rains are classified as ‘post-monsoon rains’.

September’s rainfall has so far been 11% higher than rainfall, following a trend in recent years that saw more rainfall in a month, marking the reduction of the four-month monsoon. However, most of the rain fell in the southern peninsula and central India, where these regions received 29% and 33% above normal rainfall in September.

India has so far recorded 7% above normal rainfall for June 1 – September 20. The surplus is due to excess rainfall over central and south India. The North-West, East and North-Eastern parts of the country have recorded a deficit of 4-17% against the normal rainfall.

Despite the excess rain, large parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Tripura and West Bengal have received deficient rains, affecting rice crop this kharif season.

M. Mohapatra, Director General, IMD said last month that the average rainfall across the country is likely to be above normal, which is about 109% of the long period average of 167.9 mm for September.

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