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Media reports on criticism of judges on new listing system ‘not correct’: Chief Justice of India

It’s natural to have problems, but all judges are on the same page: UU Lalit

It’s natural to have problems, but all judges are on the same page: UU Lalit

Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit said on Thursday: Media reports claim that a Supreme Court bench has criticized the new system of listing cases “Not right” and all the judges of the Supreme Court are on the same page.

Justice Lalit, who took over as the 49th Chief Justice of India on August 27, said the apex court has adopted a new system of listing cases, and initially, there are bound to be some problems.

“A lot of things have been said about everything, including listings and other things. Let me make it clear that it is true that we have adopted this new style, a new way of listing. Naturally there are some problems. Whatever is reported is not correct condition. We all judges are completely on the same page,” Justice Lalit said while speaking at an event organized by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) to honor him on becoming the CJI.

Justice Lalit was apparently citing media reports claiming that a bench of the apex court expressed displeasure in its judicial order on a new case listing mechanism introduced by the new CJI for speedy disposal of cases pending for years. Is.

A bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, currently number three in seniority in the Supreme Court, while hearing a criminal case, passed the order saying, “The new listing system is not giving sufficient time to take up the matters fixed for hearing.” Present case as ‘noon’ is the number of cases within the period of the session”.

The CJI said, from August 29, when the new system of listing of cases was introduced till September 14, the apex court decided 5,200 cases against 1135 new admissions.

Justice Lalit said this was possible because of the efforts made by all the other judges and lawyers of the Supreme Court.

“Actually, what Mr. Venugopal (Attorney General KK Venugopal) told us is that by yesterday, as we started on August 29, we could have disposed of 5000 cases, to be precise against 5200 filings which were just was about 1135. So the fresh filing is 1135 and the settlement is 5200. This has been possible because of the efforts put in by my brother and sister judges and all of you, the members of the Bar.

“It is true that due to this change, there are some occasions and some instances where cases are listed in the eleventh hour with least possible notice. This has created a tremendous workload for the judges and advocates and I am really indebted to all my brother and sister judges for discharging everything with smiling face and that is why we are able to dispose 5200 cases as against 1135 filings. That means we can clear 4000 dues Which is a good start,” Justice Lalit said.

He said that many cases were pending for a long time and had become infructuous and had to be disposed of, so they were listed and the results are in front of everyone.

The CJI said that it has always been his dream that one day he can become a judge of the apex court and his wife always knew what was going on in his mind, so there was no need to consult his wife. He got a genuine call offering justice.

“That is why I said in a speech that I did not even consult my wife when it came and when Justice RM Lodha (then CJI) offered me (judge), it was in that background. It was not that… no husband could ever do this without consulting his wife.’

Regarding the demands made by the SCBA, including a better library and facilities for lawyers, the CJI said that he can only promise that he will appoint committees to look into these demands and take a decision in this regard.

Attorney General KK Venugopal was a role model for me when I was a lawyer: CJI

Revealing the secret of his different way of arguing a case as an advocate, Justice Lalit said the person behind it was Attorney General KK Venugopal who has always been a role model for him.

The way Mr. Venugopal argues and puts forth a case and its facts so calmly that even the court gets rest, he said.

He concluded his speech by saying that he considers himself lucky that he was a member of SCBA and legal profession and this time the association has taught him everything.

“Probably in two months’ time when I leave this office, it will be the final decision on the matter,” he said.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Venugopal said that the lawyers are happy that the country has a Chief Justice of unquestioned integrity.

“We are all happy that one of us, who is a member of SCBA, is holding the highest judicial post of the country. Only a few of us have had the privilege of being promoted directly to the bench of the Supreme Court of India. But what is unique about Chief Justice Lalit is that he is the second member of the Supreme Court Bar to have held the high rank of Chief Justice of India, the first of them being Justice SM Sikri.

Shri Venugopal said that despite the heavy workload and pressure to achieve high rate of disposal, Justice Lalit has not compromised on quality and has been persistent in hearing each and every lawyer before him patiently and ensuring that one is always complete. Leaves his court with satisfaction of being heard.

Under the new system, the judges of the apex court are working in two different shifts.

The new system provides that on Monday and Friday of each week 30 judges will have to sit in combination of two and each bench will have to deal with more than 60 miscellaneous matters, including new PILs.



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