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Media channels will lose credibility on guests who shout, polarize and spread false news: Information and Broadcasting Minister

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur on Monday said that the credibility of mainstream media channels, which had invited guests to match shouting, polarizing and spreading false news, would be undermined.

“…the biggest threat to the mainstream media is not from the new age digital platforms, but from the mainstream media channels. Your channel’s credibility goes down… Viewers may pause to watch the show for a minute. but will never trust your anchor, your channel or brand as a reliable and transparent source of news,” said Mr. Thakur.

The minister was speaking at the inauguration of the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) General Conference Meeting 2022.

“Are you going to see the narrative being defined by soundbites or redefine yourself and set the terms for your guests and channel? Are you going to see through the switch and sweep of younger audiences on TV news or are you going to bring back neutrality in the news and discussion in the debate to stay ahead of the game? Are you going to show scenes that catch the eye and provoke anger or show restraint and project scenes to show the complete picture?,” he asked.

“And finally, how will you redefine and innovate your TV news content, presentation and dissemination to reach a new age audience that is constantly being informed through social media platforms? Instead of compromising on our values ​​in this fierce competition, we should work hard to maintain professionalism,” he advised.

“AIBD as a regional inter-governmental organization must continue to train and equip media practitioners with the best professional skills to achieve wider independence for our media. India stands ready to support your efforts. Me It is heartening to know that National Academy of Broadcasting and Multi-Media, NABM, the apex training institute of Prasar Bharati, is collaborating closely with AIBD in organizing trainings covering various aspects of broadcasting industry,” said Mr. Thakur he said.

The Minister suggested that another important area of ​​cooperation was the exchange of good quality materials between the member countries. India has bilateral agreements in the areas of material exchange, co-production, capacity building etc. with several AIBD countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Maldives, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.



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