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Mayor, MP bat for Greater Mysore

This will help in widening the tax base of MCC, ensure better planning of new areas covered under city limits

This will help in widening the tax base of MCC, ensure better planning of new areas covered under city limits

Mayor Shivakumar held a meeting with the MCC commissioner on Thursday to widen the tax net and mobilize maximum resources to revive the concept of Greater Mysore.

The meeting was attended by MCC Commissioner Laxmikant Reddy, Deputy Mayor Roopa Yogesh and Mysuru MP Pratap Simha.

The Mayor has sought a report on the advantages and disadvantages of declaring Mysore Municipal Corporation or Mysore Municipal Corporation as the Greater Mysore Municipal Corporation on the lines of BBMP in Bengaluru.

He said a preliminary meeting was held to take forward the concept which was first put forward more than 10 years ago. Sivakumar said that the population of Mysore, if the suburbs outside the MCC limits are brought under its jurisdiction, would cross 12 lakh and would also qualify for additional funding from the Centre. “Also, some industrial areas on the outskirts of Mysore and are part of Mysore district, will be included in the city limits and this will help the MCC to increase revenue,” he said.

But Meyer said the concept is being pursued to ensure planned growth, not just to generate additional revenue. The industrial areas of Hootagalli, which is now a Municipal Council, Bogadi, Siddalingpura, Srirampura, Ramanahalli, Alanahalli etc. receive services from MCC and around 1.25 lakh to 1.5 lakh people live in these areas. If brought under the purview of MCC, the area can lead to better planning, while it will also expand the tax net of the corporation.

“The semi-urban settlements beyond the Outer Ring Road are growing randomly without any plans and they are bound to become a part of Mysore in future. But it would be too late for any intervention and hence the elimination of ORR. Semi-urban settlements in the state are also being considered to be brought under the purview of the MCC to ensure planned development, according to Mr. Sivakumar.

Incidentally, the issue was discussed a few months back by the Mysuru district in-charge minister ST Somashekar with the MCC councilors and there was a general consensus that the MCC was providing services like drinking water anyway. and solid waste collection. The minister then said that eight GPs on the outskirts of the city are eligible to be part of Greater Mysore if the concept is approved.

Depending on the areas that will be part of the proposed Greater Mysore, the number of wards of the MCC will increase from 65, according to Mr. Shivakumar, who said that an additional 15 wards could be created, but it could increase further depending on the area which Includes under Greater Mysuru.

With regard to the roads of the city and their pathetic condition, Mr Shivakumar said that the unprecedented rains have wreaked havoc but with the release of adequate funds by the government, the work will be started from this month.

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