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‘Mamata Banerjee was born in a slum but…’: BJP MP Dilip Ghosh mocks Bengal CM

KolkataIn yet another attack on West Bengal Chief Minister, BJP national vice president and party MP Dilip Ghosh on Monday said that despite being born in a slum, Mamata Banerjee’s views are still “very negative and poor”. The BJP leader also compared the Trinamool Congress supremo to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, despite being the son of a tea vendor, has a liberal heart and is always grounded.

“Mamata Banerjee was born in a slum and became the CM but her views are still very negative and bad. But look at PM Modi. He became the PM despite starting his life as the son of a tea seller and his heart is as generous and broad as the sky and he is grounded,” Ghosh said while addressing a gathering of Bengal BJP workers.

The Bengal BJP leader alleged that the West Bengal Police is arresting party workers and forcibly dragging them down from trains to prevent them from participating in the September 13 ‘Nabanna Cholo’ protest march. “If power is right then ruler’s law, then we will follow democratic process to establish rule of law,” Ghosh said in a tweet.

Taking a jibe at Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, a TMC MP, Ghosh had earlier hit out at them for allegedly claiming themselves to be poor but using an “iPhone worth lakhs of rupees”.

“..TMC will no longer be able to fool the common people of Paschim Banga! Mamata Banerjee and her nephews claim themselves to be poor. But they are the ones who use iPhones worth lakhs of rupees and in a house worth Rs 12 crores. live.” Ghosh tweeted.

Ghosh made the remarks during a public meeting at Bengal’s Khatra in Bankura on Saturday and also posted a video of his speech on Twitter.

‘Nabanna Abhijan’

The BJP has hired seven trains to bring its party members and supporters from different parts of West Bengal to join the ‘Nabanna Abhiyan’ (march to the secretariat) on September 13, a protest against alleged corrupt practices. There is a rally to be taken out in TMC Govt.

Senior BJP leader and former state president of the party Rahul Sinha said that all the trains have either left or will leave for their destination in a few hours. He also claimed that the TMC-run administration was “trying to obstruct the way” of supporters wanting to come to the city to attend the rally.

“Our supporters were prevented from boarding a special train from Alipurduar to Sealdah on Monday evening and even lathi-charged by the state police. However, the train later left with our workers and supporters,” Sinha said.

Meanwhile, TMC mouthpiece ‘Jago Bangla’ has claimed that Rs 2.84 crore has been spent on leasing trains, questioning the source of such funds. Joy Prakash Majumdar, a spokesperson of the ruling party, said, “The BJP has taken crores of rupees from traders who have fled the country, and are probably using that money for their programmes. To my knowledge, the BJP has approx. Spent Rs 2,000 crore. 2021 Assembly elections.”

Wondering if the headcount for the rally will cross 10,000, Majumdar said, “Every train has 11 bogies and 700-800 seats. That means seven trains can bring 5,000-5,500 people. 3,000-4,000 for the train. He said that this money could have been used to help people financially in the post-COVID situation.

The TMC leader also said that there is a possibility that “the saffron camp may try to create trouble during the rally to be in the news”, knowing full well that the turnout will not be high.

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