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Kerala is investment friendly: Pinarayi

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the central government is adopting a policy of ensuring more jobs in the public sector by moving away from the policy of reduction in recruitment in the public sector.

He was inaugurating the Thozil Sabha initiative aimed at bringing job seekers, entrepreneurs, skill trainers and job providers on a single platform on Tuesday.

“This is an era when there is strong opinion being made to advocate for governments to abdicate the responsibility of providing jobs. In the last five years, the number of employees in Central Government Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) has increased by 2.68. lakhs, while only 0.33% of those who applied for jobs in the last eight years got appointed. In contrast, the state government’s policy is to ensure job security and more recruitments. Initiatives like Thozil Sabha are part of that policy,” he said.

Mr Vijayan said that the government has organized job fairs in all the districts and also organized a special job fair for women who had to take a break in their career. Sixty-eight innovation clusters were selected as part of the ‘One District, One Idea’ scheme.

The first such project was sanctioned at Kodakara Panchayat in Thrissur, as part of the ‘Work Near Home’ initiative to set up workstations in all local bodies. In the last six years, 86,993 new MSMEs were started in the state, bringing in investment of Rs 8,154 crore and creating 3.09 lakh jobs. A total of 46 lakh square meters of new workspace was created in the IT sector and more than 45,000 jobs were created, he claimed, claiming that the state was investment-friendly.

Local Self-Government Minister MB Rajesh said that there is a need to generate employment for economic development to bring prosperity to all. He said that the Thozhil Sabha initiative of the LDF government is being started for this purpose.

The Development Standing Committee of the local body will be the organizer of the Thozhil meeting. Each such assembly would have an estimated 200–250 people, and would be made for one or two wards. With the formation of Thozhil Sabhas, the local bodies will have accurate information about the number of job seekers as well as job givers in their area. This would include people from the area who were running businesses outside Kerala or abroad, or holding key positions in various companies, to which job seekers with the required skills could be added depending on their needs.

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