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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan targeted Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan

Arif Mohammad Khan gave enough indications that he would not sign the University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2022 and the Kerala Lokayukta (Amendment) Act, 2022 into law.

Arif Mohammad Khan gave enough indications that he would not sign the University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2022 and the Kerala Lokayukta (Amendment) Act, 2022 into law.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan accused former MP KK Rajesh, private secretary to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, of preventing police from arresting him at the venue of the Indian History Congress (IHC) at Kannur University in 2019.

Breaking conventions, Mr. Khan held a nearly two-hour press conference at the Raj Bhavan in which he made a flurry of allegations against the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government and the “ideology of violence” that informs the ruling party.

He said that the use of intimidation by the government to compel the governor for wrong decisions of the administration forced him to reach out to the public through the media.

acceptance of laws in doubt

During the lengthy media interaction, Mr Khan gave enough indications that he would not sign the University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2022 and the Kerala Lokayukta (Amendment) Act, 2022 into law.

“I will not allow the government to violate the autonomy of universities. I will not let the political executive sit in the judgment of its own cause. The law seeks to vest the government with an overriding appellate power to bypass any adverse and objectionable declaration by the Lokayukta, the constitutional anti-corruption watchdog. Such a law runs against the grain of natural justice and jurisprudence,” Mr Khan said.

CM “Award” Ragesh

Examining video footage and circulating government communications to support his allegations, Mr. Khan said that Mr. Vijayan had included Mr. Ragesh in his personal staff, which was a way to stop the police from arresting those people. Those who had “conspired to harm” them (IHC). place.

The government also lobbied for the appointment of Mr. Ragesh’s wife as a faculty in the Malayalam department of Kannur University. (The governor had stayed the appointment on charges of nepotism.)

Mr Khan accused the CM’s political secretary of preventing the police from prosecuting those who tried to crowd the stage.

Section 124 IPC

Mr Khan said that any attempt to prevent, intimidate or prevent the President or the Governor from discharging his duties is a cognizable offense under Section 124 of the IPC. It carries a provision of imprisonment for seven years and a fine.

Mr Khan said that the statute of limitations does not apply to serious offences. However, the Raj Bhavan will not demand any probe against the “conspirators”, he said. Mr Khan sought a report of the incident from Kannur Vice Chancellor Gopinath Raveendran. Mr Raveendran replied that “he was not a security expert and could not comment on such matters”, Mr Khan said.

CM “flip-flops” on promise

Mr Khan said Mr Vijayan had gone back on his word that the government would not interfere with the Governor’s discretionary power to appoint the Vice-Chancellor. He presented a letter written by Mr. Vijayan.

Mr Khan said Mr Vijayan requested him to extend the tenure of Kannur Vice Chancellor, Gopinathan Raveendran, beyond the age of superannuation. Mr Khan said he would honor Mr Vijayan’s request, but the selection process should proceed as per the standard.

Mr Khan asked the government to send a list of nominees, and the Chancellor would give importance to Mr Vijayan’s choice.

Governor “Pressure”

However, the government disrupted the selection process and “pressured” the governor to unilaterally appoint Mr Vijayan’s choice.

“I wrote to the Chief Minister that I was sick of the pressure brought on me by the government in the appointment of the Kannur Vice Chancellor. I did not want to continue as the Chancellor, and the Chief Minister could take over and do as he wanted. I am sorry that I have given consent for the appointment”, Mr. Khan said.

“Disdain” for the rule of law

Mr Khan said the ideology that drives the ruling front originated outside India. It prohibits the use of violence and intimidation to quell dissent. They (the ruling party) believe that they have an essential right to break the law to achieve their political goals.

A minister lost his job because he called the constitution rubbish. An airline banned the ruling front coordinator for unruly behavior during a flight.

Another ruling Front MLA questioned India’s territorial integrity by adopting Pakistan’s language on Kashmir. “It is that they (the workers of the ruling front) are trained in their training camps. Their ideology uses force to eliminate class enemies, that is, individuals who do not conform to the political views of the party. Can the CM deny that the ideology he favors is a strong-arm strategy?”, Mr Khan asked.

Kannur Violence

The governor said the political violence in Kannur and the killings on the campus are clear expressions of “foreign ideology”.

Mr Khan accused the government of adopting a similar strategy against the Raj Bhavan. “The ruling supporters tried to harm me in Kannur. They prevented the police from prosecuting law breakers.

Later, a government secretary reminded the governor that there was no precedent for appointing politically active persons as employees of the Raj Bhavan. The political executive has repeatedly tried to undermine, defame and undermine the dignity of the office of the Governor”, Mr Khan said.

pension issue

Mr Khan questioned the propriety of giving life pension to ministers, private employees of political appointees after a tenure of at least two and a half years.

protects the rss

Mr Khan rejected exposing his meeting with RSS chief Mohan Bhagat of the CPI(M) to alleging political bias. “I have a long association with the RSS since 1986. They supported my position in the Shah Bano case. So did late CPI(M) leader EMS Namboodiripad. Then, the party changed its stand and supported the Personal Law Code. RSS Not a banned organization in India. The RSS was invited by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to participate in the Republic Day parade,” he said.

CM’s “contempt” for journalists

Mr Khan took note of Mr Vijayan’s alleged disdain for the media. He urged the journalists to stand up for their dignity. “The CM once told you to get out. Now, if you don’t fight for your professional dignity, the CM will order his men to kick you out”, Mr. Khan said.

CPI(M) Response

CPI(M) state secretariat member and former law minister AK Balan accused Mr Khan of breaking the oath of office. Mr Balan said Mr Khan had defamed the governor’s office by using the Raj Bhavan as a platform to do politics against the government at the behest of the RSS.

He said the party would legally and politically oppose the Governor’s trespasses on CPI(M) democracy and federalism.

The government should approach the Chairman and Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court against Mr Khan’s attempt to weaken the government and personally defame the Chief Minister and his cabinet.

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