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Jairam Ramesh advocates consensus in selection of new AICC chief, retains ‘prominence’ of Nehru-Gandhi family

The AICC general secretary said that even if someone else is chosen as the party chief in the October 17 election, Sonia Gandhi will continue to be a person “everybody sees”.

The AICC general secretary said that even if someone else is chosen as the party chief in the October 17 election, Sonia Gandhi will continue to be a person “everybody sees”.

with process for Election of new Congress President in the cornerSenior party leader Jairam Ramesh has batted for “consensus” in the selection of the new AICC chief and sought to retain the “prominence” of the Nehru-Gandhi family in organizational matters in any emerging situation.

Mr. Ramesh, AICC General Secretary, In-charge Communications, Publicity and Media, said that even if someone else is chosen as the party chief in the October 17 elections, Sonia Gandhi will continue to be someone “everybody sees” and Asserting. Rahul Gandhi will be the “ideological compass” of the grand old organisation.

He rejected suggestions that the Wayanad MP would be “driving the backseat” in case someone else was the Congress president, hailing Gandhi as a very friendly and democratic figure.

He said a party without a ‘high command’ would be ‘anarchy’.

in an interview to PTIThe former Union minister also opposed the Congress leaders’ argument against their high command culture, claiming that without such a mechanism there would be anarchy in the party.

To substantiate his arguments for the unanimous election of the new AICC chief, Mr. Ramesh called on Congress veteran K.K. Kamaraj’s “approach” which, according to him, led to “talk to everyone and find a suitable consensus alternative”. Celebration.

“In the history of the Indian National Congress, generally we have elected people by consensus. But there were elections – in 1938, 1950, 1997 and 2000. But my view is of a broader consensus – Kamaraj’s view. I am Kamaraj I belong to the school,” said Mr. Ramesh, a prominent Congress strategist. led by Rahul Gandhi india couple travel Arrived near Kollam district of Kerala.

The notification for the elections will be issued on September 22, while the process of filing nominations will start from September 24 and will continue till September 30.

In case of more than one candidate, the election will be held on October 17, while counting of votes, if necessary, will be done and the result will be announced on October 19.

Asked about the argument of a section of party leaders, including Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor, that a democratic contest for the Congress president’s post would revive the Congress, Mr. Ramesh said “we should have elections” if consensus is not possible. .

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“Mr Tharoor is welcome to contest. This is a democratic process. We are the only political party that has elections for the post of President.” Mr. Ramesh also took an indirect dig at Mr. Tharoor and the leaders who argue for organizational reforms and the election of the party president’s post, describing the idea as ” unrealistic” stating that the Congress or any other party in India should be run along the lines of the Labor and Conservative parties in the United Kingdom.

“It is unrealistic. I think people who say so do not understand the realities of India,” said the senior Rajya Sabha MP.

Responding to a question on the growing demand in the party to elect Rahul Gandhi as AICC president, Mr Ramesh said the former Congress president was in a “strange position” in the matter and it was up to him to decide whether to contest or not. . Or not.

People are asking him (Rahul) why are you a candidate? Are you a candidate? At the end of the nomination filing process, the same people could ask him why are you not a candidate? Mr. Gandhi is in an awkward position. It’s up to him. I don’t know what he is going to do. india couple travel,

-Mr. Ramesh said that when he discussed matters of organizational elections with Rahul Gandhi on two or three occasions, “he always told me – why not hold elections… why not contest people”.

“If people want to file their nomination papers, they are welcome to do so. He (Rahul) himself has said this – I welcome the election.

Rejecting the arguments of Mr. Tharoor and some other members of the old G-23 groups on the need to reduce or eliminate the “high command” culture in the Congress party, Mr. Ramesh said that every party has a high command and they Let’s call it by different names.

Do you think BJP doesn’t have high command? Do you think the CPI(M) does not have a high command? Every party has a high command. In every party there is a group of people who discuss, deliberate, take decisions based on various factors. Without the high command there would be party anarchy,” he said.

Asked who would be the Congress high command if a new president from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family is elected, Ramesh said these are now hypothetical questions, but added that he is sure that both Sonia and Rahul He will continue to be respected and people will look up to him.

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is the kind of person everyone looks up to. She will continue to be a person everyone looks up to. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a Member of Parliament and he’s been around for five months. india couple travel, So, that would be very prominent. He will be an ideological compass,” he said.

Pressed further, Mr. Ramesh said that Rahul Gandhi would not be driving the organization backwards in case someone else’s case came up.

“I don’t see it. I think circumstances have changed and Mr. Gandhi is a man with strong views on issues. He is also a very friendly, very democratic person. So, so is Sonia Gandhi herself. So, I don’t see any friction. It’s going to happen. I don’t think there’s going to be any tension.”

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