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India, China confirm withdrawal of troops from PP15 in Ladakh

India and China conducted verification to confirm on Tuesday Withdrawal of troops from Patrol Point (PP) 15 in the Gogra-Hot Springs area Sources said on Tuesday that in eastern Ladakh, here marks the completion of the disintegration.

“Both sides have completed dismantling in PP15 in a phased, coordinated and verified manner, resulting in the withdrawal of troops from both sides to their respective territories,” a defense source said. Another source said the verification was done to ensure compliance, including aerial surveillance.

However, the details and modalities of dissolution were not available. In the past, buffer zones were created at friction points as understood at the level of corps commanders, with no patrolling by either side until overall disengagement and de-escalation was achieved, after which both sides Have to work anew. Patrol Standards.

Last Thursday, the two countries announced that their forces had begun separating from PP15 in Gogra-Hot Springs, a step forward to end the standoff that has been going on since May 2020. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had said that both the countries would do it. Raise the remaining issues with the LAC after the completion of the ongoing dissolution on PP15.

However, while India maintains that Demchok and Depsang remain friction points, China has refused to acknowledge them as legacy issues prior to the 2020 standoff. Demchok is one of two mutually agreed disputed areas in eastern Ladakh, while Depsang is one of the eight friction points in the region. While there are different claims in the Charding La area in Demchok, China has put up tents on this side of the Charding drain.

Beijing welcomed the dissolution in PP15 as “a positive development”, but reiterated that it would not accept India’s demand for restoration of status quo before the standoff stating that “the status quo of April 2020 … was created by India’s illegal crossing of the LAC “.

As mentioned earlier, there has been a heavy Chinese presence in the plains of Depsang since the start of the standoff, in an important area known as the Bulge and PLA troops also guard Indian Army patrols pp 10, 11, 11a, 12 blocking access. 13, is located on the border of patrolling which is long before the LAC. as reported by HinduAccording to senior officials, the Indian Army last accessed the PP in Depsang in January/February 2020.

The Chinese build-up has threatened Indian posts in Burtse and Raki Nala and Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) inside Indian territory by bringing Chinese troops close to the crucial 255-km-long Darbuk-Skyok-DBO road. Depsang is also close to the Karakoram Pass, overlooking the strategic Saltoro Ridge and the Siachen Glacier.

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