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‘Happy to see fear on Mamata Banerjee…’, Dilip Ghosh attacks after she lost her slap during Nabanna campaign

Tension escalates when the Nabanna March led by Dilip Ghosh reaches the Howrah Bridge. Today the whole of Kolkata has become a battlefield. It is reported that many BJP workers-supporters fell ill due to tear gas shells and water cannons fired by the police during the Nabanna campaign. Even BJP MP Dilip Ghosh fell on the road and lost his spectacle. Talking to Zee News English, Dileep claimed, “I lost my glasses. I suffered many injuries. But I am happy to see the fear on Mamata Banerjee’s face.”

Today BJP took out processions from different directions. Dilip Ghosh led the procession from College Street in Kolkata. He was accompanied by MPs Debashree Choudhary and Raju Bista. Apart from this, many BJP leaders including Manoj Tigga were seen in the forefront of the procession. Initially, it was decided that the BJP procession led by Dileep would leave the state headquarters and move along Rashmoni Road towards the second Hooghly bridge. But in the changed circumstances, the route of the procession has been changed and it is planned to take it along MG Road towards Howrah Bridge.

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BJP workers and supporters from different parts of the state gathered at the BJP State Office today. Dilip Ghosh said, “This government is a government of thieves. People from all parts of the state will enter Navana today and make a demand. This government does not deserve to be in power.”

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Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Suvendu Adhikari and Hooghly MP Locket Chatterjee were taken into custody in front of PTS before reaching Santragachi. Police used water cannons and tear gas shells to disperse BJP workers and supporters in Santragachi. Meena Devi Purohit, councilor of ward number 22 of borough number 4 of Kolkata Corporation was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital.

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