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Friday for Future organizes Bengaluru Climate Strike at Freedom Park

Following the recent floods in Bengaluru, a section of Friday for the Future (FFF) led by climate justice activist Disha A Ravi organized the Bengaluru Climate Strike in collaboration with several other organizations at Freedom Park on Friday.

The four major demands raised during the strike included strengthening environmental laws, providing and protecting the rights of communities at the forefront of environmental protection, implementing democratic decisions for climate justice and healthy public health for all in the city. Including the right to mangoes.

Speaking at the protest, Disha Ravi underlined the need for the government’s partnership with the public as a first step in tackling climate change. “I think we have increasingly prioritized unplanned development at the expense of the environment and we are seeing its adverse effects. I believe that a lot of civil society and a lot of people are taking the authorities in many different ways. Trying to get involved, but there is not enough reciprocity and transparency from the other end,” she said.

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