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Farmer of Nizamabad carved the face of his parents on the paddy field

It is a tribute to a farmer to his parents that can only be seen from the sky or through the lens of a drone. Farmer Gangaram Chinni Krishnadu, who lives in an un-described village 35 km from Nizamabad, has used three types of paddy seeds to create an image of his parents on his one-acre plot of agricultural land. “My parents passed away 21 years ago. He taught me till class 6th and this is my humble way to remember him and show the world,” said Chinni Krishnadu, who has made a name for himself by growing rice as a heritage in the country.

As a drone flies over the lush green paddy fields of Chintalur village, figures of a man in a turban and a woman with a bindi and ornaments appear. “It took a lot of persuasion and passion to make it. I hired a reluctant signboard painter and gave him a picture of my parents. Then he bought ropes and stakes to make the lines,” said the farmer who adores Japanese agricultural practices. used as inspiration.

Using his knowledge of colorful paddy plants, Chinni Krishnadu used three varieties of paddy – Pancharatna created a pale pink border around the field; Bangaru pink, a dark rose colored plant to mark the facial features of its parent, and is surrounded by Chintaluru sannalu which is a light green plant. “I worked with the workers for four days to plant the varieties within the rope marks, which were made by the signboard painter Mahadev,” says the farmer.

Within a month the features and outlines of his mother Bhudevi and father Muttanna were clearly visible. Then, he hired a drone for ₹3,500 to check the image for himself. “People from nearby villages come here and leave with a smile on their faces,” says a farmer who hoists the tricolor on the flag just outside his field.

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